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Yearbook Info

Your help is needed to make the Yearbook Great!

From all students

We need the following photos uploaded to Replayit. If students would like to tell us more about these photos, we would love them to reach out to

  • Photos of favorite memories
  • Virtual spirit week photos
  • Spring Fashion photos/trends
  • Photos from the learning challenges
  • People posing creatively with toilet paper
  • Photos of them with their “most prized quarantine possession” (Can be serious or silly)
  • Mock photos of virtual spring break (Making Beach outings or ski trips from their home. Yearbook students and I will model this via Instagram). The sillier the better
  • People posing with their pets
  • How they are passing time during quarantine
  • Photos from Kindness week (in particular, clothespin photos)
  • New-found hobbies during quarantine

From athletes who didn’t get to play Spring sports

Upload photos to Replayit and tell us about your experiences and thoughts at

  • Photos of conditioning from home
  • Creative sports from home
  • Senior Athletes and their favorite memories/ experiences with the teams over the years
  • Underclassman who planned to tryout for the first time
  • Siblings who would have played together and if they are sporting from home
  • How teams are still doing stuff virtually

From Seniors

We need photos of you and other seniors growing up together. These are the sort of photos you see in the senior slide show in the gym for the Moving Up Assembly.
Upload to ReplayIt
Send to our editors at
After we finish sports and Quarantine pages, we will be working on the senior section. We will be doing superlatives, and so much more!