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Bus service may be provided for students who live outside of one radius mile from their home school.  Exceptions are made only when hazardous conditions are determined by the District. To change an assigned bus and/or stop for the day, students must obtain a bus pass from the main office. If there is a permanent change of address, please notify your school to obtain a bus assignment.  Permanent changes may take up to 5 school days to process.


Bus passengers should arrive at the bus stop no sooner or later than five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.  Buses will promptly depart all schools 7 minutes after dismissal times.  For safety, once bus doors are closed Drivers will not stop for late arriving students.


Emergency routing information is available online at Renton Schools Website Local radio and TV stations will provide up-to-date information each morning when the roads are slick and/or snowy.  Ask the Driver in advance for emergency route information. 


Driver has full authority over the passengers on the bus including seating assignments.


  • Safe, respectful conduct is expected at all times: 
  • Obey the Driver’s instructions when first requested
  • Remain seated
  • Respect others and their property
  • Keep your hands to yourself
  • Keep noise level down


  • Drugs, paraphernalia, cigarettes\e-cigarettes or any related products 
  • Glass objects: bottles, jars, etc.,
  • Aerosol cans
  • Inflated balloons
  • Live animals, bugs, worms
  • Over sized objects and instruments, those that cannot fit safely on the lap of the student
  • Weapons: guns, knives, razor blades, etc. (real or toy)
  • Laser Pointer
  • Any item which cannot be transported easily or which creates a safety concern, such as:
    • Open containers of food, drink, gum
    • Plants, dirt, other growing projects
    • Sports equipment which could endanger others: javelins, pole vaults or shot puts
    • Skate boards, baseball bats and scooters of any type
    • Any devices that are distracting to driver’s ability to drive

Please arrange for alternate transportation if any of the above items need to be transported to or from school.
The District reserves the right to suspend\expel transportation privileges for any student who violates bus rules.  Suspension or expulsion from bus riding privileges will include all school buses, activity buses, and field trips. Students riding District buses may be subject to continuous video and audio monitoring.


When, in the opinion of the Driver, a serious rule violation occurs, or when the Driver’s efforts to deal with less severe violations are unsuccessful, or a pattern seems to have developed, a school bus incident report will be initiated.  The intent is to maintain good order and a safe environment for students riding buses to and from school or school sponsored activities, as well as to notify parents of the misconduct of their children.  Students in grades 6-12 will be denied bus riding privileges until the Incident Report has been signed by a Parent/Guardian and returned to the bus Driver.  Serious or persistent violations will result in progressive discipline.  The age and experience of the student will determine how many progressive steps are appropriate. Certain activities may result in immediate suspension from bus riding privileges.  

These include but are not limited to

  • Fighting on the bus        
  • Obscene gestures or profanity directed at the bus Driver or others
  • Throwing objects in or out of the bus    
  • Any part of the body extended outside of the bus
  • Possession of dangerous weapons or articles
  • Pointing a laser pointer  
  • Assault on Driver or any school district staff may  result in an indefinite suspension and possible criminal charges 
  • Smoking or use/possession of drugs may result in suspension and possible criminal charges
  • Destroying or defacing district or private property