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Activities and Athletics

Hazen is a member of King Co League, and the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association (WIAA) Our teams compete with other conference teams for league, district, and state honors. 

To be eligible to participate in any interscholastic program, students must: 

  • pass 4 classes in previous trimester (end of 1st and end of 2nd trimesters) and maintain passing grades in at least 4 classes during current trimester; 
  • meet district minimum grade point average standard of 2.0; some activities may require higher G.P.A.’s as per their constitutions; 
  • purchase an ASB card; 
  • pay participation fee of $75; 
  • pay all outstanding fines; 
  • have current physical on file; 
  • purchase insurance or sign an insurance waiver; 
  • meet all W.I.A.A. rules and regulations 
  • be registered online in Family ID 
Fall Season Cross Country (Boys and Girls)
Football (Boys)
Golf (Boys)
Soccer (Girls)
Swimming (Girls)
Tennis (Boys)
Volleyball (Girls)
Winter Season Basketball (Boys and Girls)
Bowling (Girls(
Gymnastics (Girls)
Swimming (Boys)
Wrestling (Boys and Girls)
Spring Season Baseball (Boys)
Softball (Girls)
Soccer (Boys)
Tennis (Girls)
Track & Field (Boys and Girls)

Spectator & Fair Play Guidelines

Hazen Highlanders: 

  • encourage the rules and traditions of the league 
  • exemplify the highest principles of moral character, scholarship, and fair play  
  • maintain a courteous, respectful attitude toward all schools, officials, athletes, and spectators with which we come into contact 
  • all students have equal rights in the activities of the various schools around the league 
  • continue to remember the principles of fair play  

Extracurricular Programs

Hazen High School has many activities in which students can participate.   Students are encouraged to purchase a $30 ASB card to support their school, as well as to receive discounts when purchasing tickets to dances, athletic events, the school yearbook, etc. Students who participate in extra curricular (ex. athletics) will need to purchase an ASB Cards.  ASB cards are on sale in the ASB office. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost I.D. card/ASB card.

Activity Card/ID: All students issued I.D. cards must carry them at all times. Students must present I.D. card for admission to all school dances.

  • Animal Advocacy:  Schroeder 
  • Anime Club:  Goodboy 
  • Art Club:  Widbey 
  • ASC:  Quan Nguyen 
  • Badminton:  Open
  • Band:  Coy 
  • Blooming: You-Price 
  • Book Club: Dubois 
  • Broadcast Club:  Charles 
  • BSU:  Southern 
  • Car Club:  Panerio 
  • Cheer:  Wilson 
  • Chess Club:  Panerio 
  • Choir, Vocal-Viles 
  • Computer Sci/Tech-Peck 
  • Culinary Club:  Sadrzadeh 
  • D&D Club:  Pollard 
  • Dance Club:  Mannschreck 
  • Debate:  Choi 
  • DECA:  Crow 
  • Drama:  Crueger 
  • Drill:  Chow 
  • Dungeons & Dragon:  Pollard 
  • Earth Corp:  Pearson 
  • Educators Rising:  Schroeder 
  • FASA:  Mason 
  • FBLA:  Open
  • Fashion Club:  Crow 
  • Film Club:  Wallace 
  • Geology Club-Kao 
  • German Club-Ellis 
  • Girls Who Code:  Jones 
  • GSA:  Murphy/Knight 
  • Heck Club:  Peck 
  • Highlander Club:  Open
  • HOSA:  Walker 
  • Key Club:  Quan Nguyen 
  • Latinx Club:  Creeley 
  • Literary Magazine:  Open
  • Mahjong Club:  Hoover/Trapp 
  • Math Club:  Jones 
  • Mexican Dance:  Schroeder 
  • Music, ASB:  Viles 
  • NHS:  Quan Nguyen 
  • Native Youth:  Garcia-Santos 
  • Orchestra:  Coy 
  • Pacific Islander-:  Open
  • Photo Club:  Atkinson 
  • Poetry:  Bernstein 
  • Psychology Club:  Vanden Bos 
  • Robotics Club:  Peck 
  • STEM Club:  Pollard 
  • Table Tennis:  Mahna 
  • Teen Cert:  Walker 
  • UNICEF:  Wallace 
  • Valorant Club:  Nguyen 
  • Women's Rights:  Lin