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Student Handbook

-Bell Schedule
-School Songs
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General Information
-Activity/Athletic Bus Transportation
-Computer Labs and Chromebooks
    Statement of Purpose
    Terms of Agreement
-Daily Student Bulletin
    Hazen News
-Driving and Parking
    Registration Prices
-Emergency Preparedness
-Fines and/or Obligations
-Health Services
-Homework HELP/Study Table
-Identification Cards (ID)
-Lost and Found
-Selling Items at School
-Signs and Posters
-Student Store/Vending Machines
-Voter Registration

Transportation Expectations
-Bus Service Eligibility
-Be Prompt
-Snow Days
-Driver Authority
-Passenger expectations
-Items not Allowed on Bus
-Transportation Disciplinary Procedures

Counseling Information
-Counseling Center
-Career Resource Center
-Community Service Hours
-Work Credit
-Running Start
-Permanent Early dismissal/Late Arrival
-Schedule Changes
-Dropping a Course
-Credit Retrieval
-Withdrawal or Transfer from School
-Non Resident Students

General Expectations
-Relevant Federal and State Law
-Harassment, Intimidation and Bullying RCW28A.300.285
-Social Media
-Classroom Disruptions
Electronic Devices in the Classroom
Gang Affiliation/Display
Personal Protection Spray Devices
Public Displays of Affection
Respect and Common Courtesy/Civility
Student Behavior
Student Dress
Weapons on School Premises (RCW 9.41280)

Arriving Late/Leaving Early
Early Dismissal
Lack of Compliance with staff
Leave of Absence
Leaving Class
Open Lunch

Drug (including Alcohol) and Drug Paraphernalia
Tobacco (Smoking or Chewing) E-Cigarettes
Other Infractions

Extra Curricular Programs
Activity Card/ID
Fall Athletics
Winter Athletics
Spring Athletics
Student Government
Student Government Officers

Renton School District Important Policies and Procedures for All Students and Families
Notice of Rights Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
Health concerns/Lice



The Hazen Community supports each member to achieve our maximum potential both in and outside of the classroom. 

We will achieve this by: 
1.Taking PRIDE in our own work and the work of the community while heeding each member’s personal story and supporting their future plans.
2.Creating an inclusive environment of UNITY where all members see themselves reflected in the work as we create opportunities to showcase talents, interests, and cultures.
3.Preparing all community members for ACHIEVEMENT by supporting rigorous intellectual development, technological literacy, and social responsibility.


Principal    Kate O’Brien 204-4201
Assistant Principal Harland Warrior  204-4261
Assistant Principal Tyrell Hardtke  204-3833
Assistant Principal Thomas Caudle   204-4211
Dean of Students  Ashley Gambrill  204-4237


Christi Leick Alphabet A-E  204-4217 
Maria Muto  Alphabet F-Li  204-4218
Brian Creeley   Alphabet Lo-Ri    204-4276
Honor Weihe Alphabet Ro-Z  204-4219


Athletic Office  Vicki Olson  204-4250
Attendance Coord.  Suzanne Jacobs 204-4260
Attendance Sec.  Vicky Navarro   204-4210
Counseling Office  Jasmine Andrews  204-4214
Counseling Assist. Courtney Burnett Swearingen 204-4232
Main Office  Melinda Scheuffele 204-4201
Nurse’s Office   Kristin Freer   204-4202
Registrar  Shannon Presley  204-4207
Career Center  Quan Nguyen  204-4254
Security Office Earl Richardson  204-4212

Bell Schedule


Period Time
1st Period  7:20 - 8:23 a.m.
2nd Period  8:28 - 9:31 a.m.
Homeroom 9:36 - 10:06 a.m.
3rd Period 10:11 - 11:14 a.m.
Lunch 11:14 - 11:44 a.m.
4th Period 11:49 - 12:52 p.m.
5th Period  

12:57 - 2:03 p.m.



Period Time
1st Period  7:20 - 8:30 a.m.
2nd Period  8:35 - 9:45 a.m.
3rd Period 9:50 - 11:00 a.m.
Lunch 11:00 - 11:30 a.m
4th Period 11:35 - 12:45 p.m.
5th Period   12:50 - 2:03 p.m.



Period Time
1st Period  8:50 - 9:42 a.m.
2nd Period  9:47 - 10:39 a.m.
3rd Period 10:44 - 11:36 a.m.
Lunch 11:36 - 12:06 a.m.
4th Period 12:11 - 1:03 p.m.
5th Period   1:08 - 2:03 p.m.

Late starts apply to all Fridays except 11/22/10 and 1/31/20. 

School Songs

THE ALMA MATER Green, Gold and Blue

The greenwoods scent the dewy air where golden treasures lie,
Beneath the bonnie, bonnie blue in the land of Hazen High.
When e’re a’roving far from thee to seek our fortunes due,
These golden hours the dearer be with the touch of green and blue.
So let there be no last farewell among the Highland Clan,
For Highland hearts will always dwell in the brotherhood of man.
So on our lips we seal our vow to be true to green, gold, and blue.


The Hazen Highlanders come down from the hill.
Our loyal students cheer as one loud and shrill
Our adversaries will learn to fear our name
After seeing how we fight to win the game.
So, go, go, you Highlanders for all Hazen High
Keep your banners high for all to see.
And they’ll take the low road
And we’ll take the high road
Back to Hazen with victory.


Academic Responsibilities Principal – Ms. O’Brien
Activities/ASB,    General Asst. Principal – Ms. Hardtke
Activities Scheduling Activities Office – Ms. Ramirez-Cook
ASB Fines, Fundraisers Activities Office –  Ms. Ramirez-Cook
Athletics, General Asst. Principal – Mr. Warrior
Athletic Clearances, Scheduling     Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Auto Registration and Parking Security Office –  Mr. Richardson
Building Responsibilities Principal – Ms. O’Brien
Bullying, Discipline and Attendance Dean of Students – Ms. Gambrill
Buses/Transportation Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Change of Address Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Andrews/Ms. Burnett Swearingen
Career Information Career Center– Mr. Nguyen
College/Financial Aid, College Information Career Center– Mr. Nguyen
College/Vocational Applications/Scholarships Career Center– Mr. Nguyen
Graduation Requirements Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Andrews/Ms. Burnett Swearingen
Instructional Programs Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Andrews/Ms. Burnett Swearingen
Late Arrival (Check in) Attendance Office – Ms. Jacobs
Leave of Absence Attendance Office – Ms. Jacobs
Leaving Campus (Check out) Attendance Office –  Ms. Jacobs
Parent/Community Relations Principal – Ms. O’Brien
Parking Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Peer Mediation Security Office – Mr. Richardson, Ms. Gambrill
Report Cards Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Andrews/Ms. Burnett Swearingen
SAT/ACT Information Career Center– Mr. Nguyen
Scheduling Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Andrews/Ms. Burnett Swearingen
State Testing Asst. Principals – Mr. Caudle
Student Concerns 9th Grade    Asst. Principal – Ms. Hardtke
Student Concerns 10th Grade    Asst. Principal – Mr. Warrior
Student Concerns 11th, 12th Grades    Asst. Principal – Mr. Caudle
Student Insurance Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Technology Support Mrs. Eide
Thefts/Vandalism Security Office – Officer McGruder, Mr. Richardson
Transcripts Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Andrews/Ms. Burnett Swearingen



All accidents occurring in the school building, on school property, or at any school sponsored activity, must be reported to an administrator or the school nurse as soon as possible.  Renton Police Department may provide assistance and information to aid in auto accident reporting.  All students driving to and parking at Hazen must show and maintain proof of insurance.

Activity/Athletic Bus Transportation

All students involved in athletics and activity events which use transportation provided by the school district must travel together both ways.


The Hazen Auditorium is off limits at all times unless under the direct supervision of a teacher and/or advisor. 


Hot and cold foods are available and served in the cafeteria.  The cafeteria will be open 6:50—7:15a.m. for breakfast and 11.00-11.30 a.m. for lunch, except for late start Fridays. 

Prices are as follows:   Breakfast: $1.50   Lunch: $3.00


The Commons is available to all students before school, at lunch, and after school until 2:15 p.m.  Respecting and maintaining a clean Commons is the responsibility of every Hazen student and staff member. 

Computer Labs and Chromebooks

Responsible Use Policy (RUP)
The Renton School District takes the safety and security of students and staff very seriously. 
In the fall of 2016, the District adopted a technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP). A RUP is a policy that treats the student as a person who is responsible for their own ethical and appropriate use of the Internet and their electronic devices. The adoption of the policy no longer required student and parent/guardian signatures as acceptance of this policy. Instead, students must follow this policy as with other polices in their Student Handbook. 

Statement of Purpose

Renton School District teachers and students use technology and internet-based tools in their classrooms on a regular basis to support student learning and prepare students to engage in the rapidly changing world. These technologies improve student communication and collaboration skills, provide an authentic audience, and extend learning beyond the classroom walls while building digital citizenship skills. Student access to technology requires responsible, courteous, efficient, and legal use. Our goal in providing access to these resources is to enhance learning experiences and to educate students in responsible and appropriate use.  It is important that students and parents recognize that information posted on the internet is public, permanent, and needs to be appropriate.

Terms of Agreement

1.    I agree to follow teachers’/building/district instructions when using technology.
2.    I agree to be polite, considerate, and to use appropriate language.
3.    I agree to report and/or help prevent any bullying, abuse, or harm of others.
4.    I agree to tell an adult if I read, see, or access something inappropriate, or if I witness inappropriate use of technology. 
5.    I agree to follow all filters and security measures.
6.    I agree to use technology carefully and to conserve district resources.
7.    I agree not to share my passwords, except with my teacher or parent/guardian (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act or FERPA).
8.    I agree to use only my own files and folders. I will not access another individual’s files and folders without his/her permission.
9.    I agree not to reveal or post personal information belonging to myself or another person (i.e., passwords, addresses, or telephone numbers).
10.    I agree to follow copyright laws.
11.    I agree to follow the technology check-out process.

Following Federal, State, and local laws, Renton School District will protect student and employee data. However, I understand that my use of any district technology (computer, network, internet, resources, etc.) will be monitored and is neither private nor confidential to district/authorized personnel.  I understand that if I violate this agreement, the district’s policies and procedures, or my student handbook, I may not be allowed to continue to use technology, or I may receive other appropriate consequences.

Daily Student Bulletin

Information for the bulletin is submitted by filling out a bulletin notice form and having it approved by the club/class advisor or administrator and Ms. Shafer.  Bulletin notices must be turned in to the main office by 2:15 p.m. the day before the announcement is to be read. Notices will run for no more than three days. The bulletin will be read in fifth period. Students who do not have a fifth period or are absent are responsible for whatever material may have been missed.


Parents/guardians who drop off backpacks, books, notebooks, lunches should bring items to the attendance office for delivery.  Do not send flowers or balloons to students during the school day; these are a distraction in the classroom.

Driving and Parking

Students driving to school are expected to park and lock their vehicles.  A parent permission form must be on file in the ASB office if a student uses his/her vehicle at lunch. Only 11th and 12th graders may leave campus. Running start students must purchase a parking sticker if they will be on Hazen campus during the school day.

Parking Registration Prices

 ASB & parking bundle $ 55.00
  Parking only $35.00 with ASB W/O ASB $40
  Per Trimester With ASB: $9.00 W/O ASB: $15.00 

1. Students must register vehicles and show proof of insurance in the ASB office. Must place validation sticker low on front passenger window. Failure to do so will result in a ticket (even if you have already paid).
2. The speed limit will not exceed ten (10) miles per hour on the school campus at any time.  Infractions of any safety rules will be grounds for the loss of parking privileges at school.
3. No student is to return to his/her vehicle at any time during the school day. 
4. Handicapped parking stalls by PERMIT ONLY.
5. Parking of student vehicles will be permitted only in the student parking lots. Students parked in a staff lot, visitor parking area, or parked illegally will be subject to disciplinary action and/or fine. 
6.  Junior and Senior parking is in the front lot and by tennis courts. The North parking lot is for Sophomores. The backlot is reserved for Staff. All drivers are subject to all rules, including display of parking permits.
*Students will be ticketed if they park in any spot labeled “Shop” (outside the 700 building).
7. Parking is not permitted on the road in front of the school between 7:00AM-4:00PM
8. Parking fine will be assessed for parking violations: $20 for first offense, $30 for second. For the third offense, vehicle may be secured with a boot, making the vehicle unmovable, until a meeting is held with an administrator to establish expectations and future consequences if violations continue.  A parent/guardian phone call will be made at the conclusion of the meeting.
9. WARNING: VEHICLES SUBJECT TO SEARCH. Any vehicle entering Hazen or on adjacent city streets (considered an extension of the school parking lot and campus) is subject to search and seizure.  Such a search may be conducted for any reasonable purpose when related to a possible school violation.  The vehicle search includes all compartments and components thereof.  Once a search begins, the person in control of the vehicle will not be permitted to remove it from the premises during the reasonable duration of the search.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency drills are held periodically to ensure proper evacuation of the school building. Students must follow teachers’ instructions and/or exit the building according to the designated route for each room. For safety and to allow emergency workers and vehicles access to all areas, students must keep away from the buildings during the evacuation period. Students who fail to comply with emergency procedures are subject to discipline.

Fines and/or Obligations

Fines and/or obligations due to Hazen High School are issued periodically throughout the school year and at the end of each trimester. Fines and/or obligations should be cleared at least on a trimester basis.  
All returned/NSF checks will be assessed a $25 handling fee.  All fines, detention hours and obligations must be cleared prior to receiving parking registration, sports clearances, and admittance to dances.
Seniors: All fines and /or obligations must be cleared prior to receiving graduation tickets or being allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony. Those students issued fines or detention hours after receiving tickets must clear these prior to graduation practice, to walk or receive their diplomas.

Health Services

The nurse’s office is open from 6:50 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. If you need assistance when the clinic is closed, report to the attendance office. Except in emergency situations, you must obtain a pass from your teacher before going to the clinic. Emergency first aid will be given if illness or injury occurs after arrival at school.  The primary emphasis of school health services on campus is to provide health appraisal, health counseling, and health education. Many types of resources are available.  This is a wellness center; you do not need to be ill to drop by before or after school or during lunch.
Regarding Medications: Washington state law prohibits school personnel from providing students with any medication and requires written permission from your physician to bring any medication to school (prescriptive or non-prescriptive). The physician must state when the medication is to be taken and for what length of time.  The medication must be cleared and recorded by the nurse. If the nurse is unavailable, you must check in at the attendance office. This procedure needs to be followed for ALL medication, including non-prescriptive medicines, such as Tylenol, aspirin, cough syrup, etc.

Homework HELP/Study Table

The Hazen Extended Library Period (HELP) will be provided for those students who need extra help or time to do homework. HELP is open until 3PM Monday-Thursday (except on Wed. of Staff Meetings).  The Honor Society (NHS) also offers homework assistance.  Check in Room 135 for NHS homework days and times (Ms. Ryan).

Identification Cards

To ensure the safety of all students and staff at Hazen High School, you may be asked to show your Student ID card upon request. If you do not comply, disciplinary action may be taken by an administrator. If lost, students may replace ID in the ASB office for $5.00. All transactions in the Main Office, ASB Office, and Library REQUIRE student ID to be shown.


School insurance is available at a minimum cost. Students interested in purchasing school insurance can pick up a packet at the main office. Students enrolled in sports must purchase school insurance if they are not sufficiently covered through another policy.  Application forms are available in the main office.  


The library is open from 7:05 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. Students are welcome to use the library before or after school, during lunch, or during their class time with the teacher’s permission and a written pass.
All library materials are available for checkout with a Hazen High School identification card.  Books are due three weeks from checkout; magazines may be borrowed for a week at a time; and reference books may be used overnight. Media, other than printed material, is loaned on a time-needed basis. No fines are charged for late materials. Students are asked to return books as soon as they are finished with them so others may use them. If a book is lost or not returned, the borrower is charged with the replacement value of the book.


Lockers are school property, provided for student convenience. At the start of the school year, students may sign up for a locker in the attendance office.  As a result of a possible school violation or as a general inspection of school property, lockers may be searched (RCW 28A.600.220). The school is not responsible for items which are missing from an individual’s school or physical education locker. Students are discouraged from keeping articles of value in their lockers.  Problems with the lock or mechanical operation are to be reported to the custodian by filling out a form in the attendance office. Take care of assigned lockers—you will be billed for any repairs or cleaning needed at the end of the year. 
Lost and Found Check with Attendance Office first. If your lost item is not in the Attendance Office, check the Lost and Found located in the 2nd floor security office. Students are urged to turn in all found items.

Selling Items at School

Conducting private business or selling unauthorized items is prohibited. Property may be confiscated and law authorities contacted. Discipline may be assigned.

Signs and Posters

All signs and posters must be approved by the ASB office before being posted. Do not post on painted surfaces.

Student Store/Vending Machines

The Edge is operated by DECA for the benefit of all students. The Edge is located in the Commons. Snacks are sold for your convenience during lunch.  Vending machines are open before and after school and during lunch. The ASB Office does not provide change for any purpose.


Office telephones are for school business and should be used by students for emergencies only. Cell phones are not to be used in the classroom or during class time. Discipline action will be taken in response to violations.

Voter Registration

Voter registration forms will be available throughout the year in the main office. This service is available to the entire community. Any persons who will be 18 years old by the next general election may register.


NO FRIENDS, RELATIVES, OR VISITORS are allowed on campus during the school day.  You have a busy schedule and do not have time to entertain guests. All parents, children, and guardians are requested to please check in at the main office to obtain proper identification clearance. Students and staff should report any non-students or unregistered visitors to a Hazen staff member immediately.


Yearbooks will be sold at specific times throughout the year. Check the web site for details. Students with an ASB Card may purchase a yearbook at a reduced price. Yearbooks are distributed approximately two weeks before the end of the school year. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure his/her photo is placed in the yearbook by meeting all deadlines.



Bus service may be provided for students who live outside of one radius mile from their home school.  Exceptions are made only when hazardous conditions are determined by the District. To change an assigned bus and/or stop for the day, students must obtain a bus pass from the main office. If there is a permanent change of address, please notify your school to obtain a bus assignment.  Permanent changes may take up to 5 school days to process.


Bus passengers should arrive at the bus stop no sooner or later than five minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.  Buses will promptly depart all schools 7 minutes after dismissal times.  For safety, once bus doors are closed Drivers will not stop for late arriving students.


Emergency routing information is available online at Renton Schools Website Local radio and TV stations will provide up-to-date information each morning when the roads are slick and/or snowy.  Ask the Driver in advance for emergency route information. 


Driver has full authority over the passengers on the bus including seating assignments.


Safe, respectful conduct is expected at all times: 
•    Obey the Driver’s instructions when first requested
•    Remain seated
•    Respect others and their property
•    Keep your hands to yourself
•    Keep noise level down


•    Drugs, paraphernalia, cigarettes\e-cigarettes or any related products 
•    Glass objects:  bottles, jars, etc., aerosol cans
•    Inflated balloons
•    Live animals, bugs, worms
•    Over sized objects and instruments, those that cannot fit safely on the lap of the student
•    Weapons: guns, knives, razor blades, etc. (real or toy)
•    Laser Pointer
•    Any item which cannot be transported easily or which creates a safety concern, such as:
o    Open containers of food, drink, gum
o    Plants, dirt, other growing projects
o    Sports equipment which could endanger others: javelins, pole vaults or shot puts
o    Skate boards, baseball bats and scooters of any type
o    Any devices that are distracting to driver’s ability to drive
Please arrange for alternate transportation if any of the above items need to be transported to or from school.
The District reserves the right to suspend\expel transportation privileges for any student who violates bus rules.  Suspension or expulsion from bus riding privileges will include all school buses, activity buses, and field trips. Students riding District buses may be subject to continuous video and audio monitoring.


When, in the opinion of the Driver, a serious rule violation occurs, or when the Driver’s efforts to deal with less severe violations are unsuccessful, or a pattern seems to have developed, a school bus incident report will be initiated.  The intent is to maintain good order and a safe environment for students riding buses to and from school or school sponsored activities, as well as to notify parents of the misconduct of their children.  Students in grades 6-12 will be denied bus riding privileges until the Incident Report has been signed by a Parent/Guardian and returned to the bus Driver.  Serious or persistent violations will result in progressive discipline.  The age and experience of the student will determine how many progressive steps are appropriate. Certain activities may result in immediate suspension from bus riding privileges.  

These include but are not limited to

•    Fighting on the bus        
•    Obscene gestures or profanity directed at the bus Driver or others
•    Throwing objects in or out of the bus    
•    Any part of the body extended outside of the bus
•    Possession of dangerous weapons or articles
•    Pointing a laser pointer  
•    Assault on Driver or any school district staff may  result in an indefinite suspension and possible criminal charges 
•    Smoking or use/possession of drugs may result in suspension and possible criminal charges
•    Destroying or defacing district or private property


Counseling Center

Counselors and a career specialist are available to provide confidential assistance on an individual basis to students with educational, vocational, personal, and social concerns. Some specific ways they can help you educationally are listed below: 
1. Helping you to set up your four-year program.
2. Describing the contents of courses open to you.
3. Telling you the number of credits you have earned.
4. Informing you of your graduation requirements.
5. Giving information on post-high school plans.
·     career information
·     college requirements
·     scholarships
·     employment opportunities and procedures
·     armed services opportunities
Your counselor can also help you with personal problems arising from social, home, or classroom situations. You are encouraged to seek their assistance.

Career Resource Center

The Career Center is located on the 1st floor in room 107. Assistance is provided to help students and parents/guardians find information on careers, colleges, scholarships, grants, work-study, and all career and vocational related areas.  There will be information published in the student bulletin throughout the year.  The Career Center is open to the community as well as Hazen students. 

Community Service Hours

Students are required to complete 20 hours of community service, during the four years of high school. These hours are part of your high school graduation requirements, and may be completed through participation in school activities as well as other acceptable community activities.  It is recommended that the service to be related to your career exploration or a cause about which you feel passionate. Hours/projects must be approved in advance by your parent/guardian and signed by an adult who supervised your hours. Hours must be voluntary, not tied to class credit or pay. Additional information about community service will be provided during advisory periods. Community Service forms are available with Ms. Swearingen in the Attendance Office. 

Work Credit

Contact Terry Derrig via the Career Center for information pertaining to work credit. 

Running Start

Running start allows students to take community college and technical college classes to earn both high school and college credits, and the district pays the tuition. Students must be a junior or a senior. See your counselor in March to sign up for the fall session of Running Start. Running start students are not permitted on the Hazen campus except during their class time.  Students cannot loiter on campus grounds before or after Hazen classes.


The following system is based on the State Standardized Transcript. The standardized transcript shall be based on a marking/grading system that reports the marks/grades earned by students in courses as follows:
A  = 4.0        B+ = 3.3        C+ = 2.3        D+ = 1.3    F    = 0.0
A- = 3.7        B   = 3.0        C   = 2.0        D   = 1.0
          B-  = 2.7        C-  = 1.7        

See your counselor for specific testing requirements, depending on graduation year. Some students may qualify for state-approved testing alternatives. All students must also complete a High School and Beyond Plan.

Permanent Early Dismissal/Late Arrival

Permanent early dismissals and late arrivals must be approved by the principal and included in a student’s schedule. Forms may be obtained from the counseling office.  Reminder: Seniors must take a minimum of three (3) classes per trimester, which are to include two (2) academic classes.  
*Students participating in after school activities will not be granted early dismissals. Students with permanent early dismissals must leave campus. 

Schedule Changes

Students are expected to carefully plan course requests and to register for the appropriate classes during the regular registration process. When a student enrolls in a course, it is considered to be a commitment to successfully complete the course.  
All schedule changes must be completed by the 3rd school day of the start of a trimester.  Schedule change requests after the normal registration process, will only be allowed when a valid educational need is evident.  Changes are made ONLY for the following academic reasons:
· Duplicate period errors
· Incomplete schedule (may be missing a period)
     · Seniors in need of a class for graduation
     · Error in course placement
· Completed credit retrieval and/or summer school, and completed the course.
· Running Start schedule
All other changes require administrative approval. All schedule change requests must be submitted in writing from the student and their parent or guardian.  The schedule change is only completed when the counselor finalizes the process with the student. 

Dropping a Course

A student-initiated withdrawal from a course will result in an “F” on their transcript if it occurs after the first 5 days of school.  Please note that no new courses can be added after the first 5 days of a trimester.  Parent/guardian signature is required to process a request for withdrawal.

Credit Retrieval

Students can take on-line courses to retrieve credit from previously failed academic classes. A student cannot be concurrently enrolled in a course as part of their high school day and the same course for credit retrieval. To enroll in a credit retrieval course, the student must have previously failed the course and withdrawn from the class. The student’s transcript will reflect a failing grade and the credit retrieval grade. Any senior year-third trimester course failure will be posted on the senior class’s last official day of school. The senior would then be able to complete the credit retrieval option during the remainder of the school year, but would be unable to participate in the graduation ceremony.

All credit retrieval course work, whether online or independent study, to be counted toward graduation, must be completed (including the end of course exam), and a grade received by the school no later than 1 week before graduation. 

Withdrawal or Transfer from School

A parent/guardian must present a written request along with proper identification to the attendance office when withdrawing or transferring a student to another school. The student must obtain a checkout form and have it signed by all of their teachers and present the completed form to the secretary in the counseling office for final signature. Students will be fined for any missing books, fees, or other school equipment not returned before exiting Hazen. Transcripts will be held until all fees have been paid.

Non-Resident Students-Renton area students who desire to attend Hazen, but do not reside in the Hazen service area or students currently attending Hazen who move outside of the service area (but still in the Renton School District boundary) need to obtain an Intra-district Transfer Request form from the counseling office. This form needs to be completed by the parent/guardian and returned to the Renton School District Administration Building. Intra-district Transfer Requests are determined based on space and program availability. Students moving during the school year will be allowed to finish the current trimester, provided they are in good standing, and the parent/guardian has submitted a completed Intra-district Agreement. Twelfth grade students may complete their senior year provided space is available, they are in good standing, and the parent/guardian has submitted a completed Intra-district Agreement.

Students residing outside of the Renton School District may request to attend Hazen by submitting an Inter-district Transfer to the Renton School District Administration Building. This form needs to be completed by the parent/guardian and the releasing school district and returned to the Renton School District Administration Building. Determination is based on space and program availability. 


The rules contained herein are meant to regulate student conduct at school, conduct at all school-sponsored activities, and other off-campus conduct that adversely affects the school learning climate. Some of these rules contain recommended penalties.  However, depending on the circumstance of the student’s violation, school authorities may, in compliance with state law and the rules of the State Board of Education, Chapter 180-40 WAC, impose discipline, short-term suspension, long-term suspension, or expulsion.


The rules contained herein are meant to regulate student conduct at school, conduct at all school-sponsored activities, and other off-campus conduct that adversely affects the school learning climate. Some of these rules contain recommended penalties.  However, depending on the circumstance of the student’s violation, school authorities may, in compliance with state law and the rules of the State Board of Education, Chapter 180-40 WAC, impose discipline, short-term suspension, long-term suspension, or expulsion.

Specific Issues

Relevant Federal and State Law

1. Requires that the rules of a district governing pupil conduct and discipline be interpreted to insure an optimum learning atmosphere in the classroom. Optimum learning atmosphere shall be defined as the climate in which each student has the maximum opportunity to learn. The conduct of students that interferes with that climate is kept at an absolute minimum as determined by the classroom teacher.
2. Requires students to comply with rules established for the governing of schools.
3. Requires a student to pursue his or her course of study and make reasonable progress.
4. Requires students to submit to the authority of teachers, subject to such disciplinary action, as school officials shall determine. (This includes the act of giving your name to any staff member that requests it)
5. Empowers teachers to hold pupils on strict accountability for disorderly or antisocial conduct while under the teacher’s supervision, and to make recommendations for the suspension of a student for cause.
6. Makes it a crime to willfully create a disturbance on school premises during school hours or at school activities or meetings.
7. Provides that students who damage property at school or while under school jurisdiction may be suspended and punished. The student, parent(s) and/or guardian(s) shall be liable for damages.
8. Allows teachers to temporarily exclude students from classroom instructional or activity area.
9. Prohibits harassment on basis of race, national origin, gender, age, religion, marital status, sexual orientation, or disability.

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying RCW 28A.300.285

Hazen is committed to a safe, civil learning environment where all students, employees, and patrons work, learn, and participate in an environment free from bullying, harassment, and intimidation. Hazen prohibits bullying, harassment, and intimidation, based on actual or perceived race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disability, marital status, or other individual characteristics, including, but not limited to socio-economic status and physical appearance.
Bullying, harassment, and intimidation can take many forms and can include slurs, rumors, jokes, innuendoes, demeaning comments, drawings, cartoons, pranks, ostracism, physical attacks or threats, other gestures, or written, oral, or physical acts relating to an individual or group which:
1. Have the effect of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working or learning environment;
2. Have the effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual’s work performance or education;
3. Otherwise unreasonably affects an individual’s employment or educational opportunities; or
4. Violates the civility standard of the district.
This policy does not prohibit civil, respectful expressions of religious or political views and is a component of the district’s responsibility to create and maintain a safe, civil, and inclusive learning community.

Social Media

Social media has many benefits, but when media postings violate the law or school policies, or create a disruption to the school community, school administrators may take appropriate action, including investigation and discipline.
Students are expected to follow all school and district policies for internet and computer use when using e-mail, the internet, and social media as forms of communications with fellow students, teachers, and the community. Use of social media that leads to disruption of the learning environment and/or the social/emotional well-being of students and staff is subject to disciplinary actions. Use good judgment with social media—what you post leaves a digital footprint. How you represent yourself online is an extension of yourself. Do not post anything you wouldn’t want friends, parents, teachers, or future colleges/employers to see. Hazen’s policies against bullying, hazing, sexual or other harassment apply fully to the use of the internet and social media. Under certain circumstances, the school may discipline students who violate rules of appropriate conduct, which includes but is not limited to the use of social networking sites during or outside of school. Recording and/or distributing any digital video and/or audio of misbehavior that occurs on campus, or at a district-sanctioned event, is grounds for disciplinary action, including suspension.  Staff members and students are not to be recorded at any time without permission. Hazen is not responsible for your use or misuse of social media.  

Classroom Disruptions

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a positive manner that contributes to classroom activities. If a disruption occurs and a teacher has been unable to solve the problem, the student will be sent to an administrator.  The student may be kept out of the class for appropriate disciplinary action.

Electronic Devices in the Classroom

Personal electronic devices, including but not limited to cell phones, iPods, and cameras, may disrupt classroom instruction. All electronic devices and peripherals (ear buds, headphones, etc.) are to remain off and stored away during class time unless explicit permission is given by an instructor for use.  Violations will result in progressive discipline and possible confiscation. This will begin with the classroom teacher and move to an administrator if necessary. Insubordinate or argumentative behavior may result in further disciplinary consequences. RCW 28A.600.020 states that disciplinary action, up to and including expulsion, may be taken for repeat offenses related to electronic devices.


Students may eat lunch in the cafeteria, commons, and outdoors in approved areas. Students should make sure areas remain litter-free. Students may not eat in classroom hallways or on any carpeted areas except for the vending area in the ASB Commons.  Students are not allowed to sit in staircases, as this is against fire codes. Students are expected to pick up litter following lunch and leave their eating table/area clean. The D Wing and 700 building are off limits during lunch. Areas can be closed to food if the student body does not keep the school clean.


Forging notes or passes, altering school records, or in any way participating in the contribution of false information for school records will result in disciplinary action.

Gang Affiliation/Display

A gang is defined (RCW 28A.600.445) as a group of people who interact among themselves; have identifiable leadership; take upon themselves an identity and/or a group name; claim a physical territory; and engage together in one or more forms of antisocial behavior and/or criminal activity on a regular or ongoing basis. Student behavior, dress, signing or symbolism intended to represent gang affiliation will not be tolerated on school grounds or at school sponsored events. These symbols change from time to time and include such items as hats, bandanas of any color, chain ornaments, clothing colors and styles, gang colors, use of hand signals, and symbols of affiliation, including jewelry, graffiti, and tattoos. Behavior on or about school premises or at school sponsored events that creates conflict or an atmosphere of intimidation, or creates a clear and present danger, or disrupts the orderly operation of school is prohibited. When an issue of concern is present, the student(s) involved will be notified and asked not to display such symbolism again.  Subsequent violation of this policy will result in discipline, suspension, or expulsion.   
For school discipline purposes, gang affiliation/display includes:
•    the creation, display, or communication of gestures, language, imagery, or symbols as defined below commonly associated with gang culture
•    the promotion of gang culture and/or gang violence, and/or the solicitation or recruitment of gang members.

Gang imagery and symbols include, but are not limited to:
•    apparel (including shoelaces, bandanas, belts, or hats) by virtue of color, arrangement, trademark, symbol, or any other attributes indicate or imply gang membership or affiliation
•    displays of gang affiliation on personal belongings including clothing, school assignments, notebooks, body, etc.


Hazing and/or initiations of any form are unlawful, violate School Board Policy, and will not be tolerated. Violations will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.

Personal Protection Spray Devices

As per Renton School District Policy 1200, those students between the ages of 14 and 18 may carry a personal protection spray device if they have completed and submitted a parent/guardian permission form. These forms are available in the main office. PLEASE NOTE: Such devices may only be used in the case of legitimate self-defense.

Public Displays of Affection

The inappropriate public display of affection is embarrassing to adults and students. Students are expected to exercise self-control and respect for the reputation of others. Specifically, kissing and inappropriate displays of affection are not allowed.  Failure to follow this policy may result in disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion.

Respect and Common Courtesy/Civility

Every person has a right to be treated with respect and common courtesy. Staff and students have a responsibility to listen to opposing points of view and act toward each other with sensitivity and mutual concern.  RCW 28A.635.010 makes it a crime to insult or abuse any staff member. Any offense will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion.


Skateboards or rollerblades are not to be used on school property at any time.
First Offense: Confiscated until end of day.        
Second Offense: Confiscated until end of year.

Student Behavior

Aggressive or reckless behavior, including horseplay, which jeopardizes the health, safety, or welfare of other students or staff members will be subject to discipline, Friday Morning School, and/or suspension. RCW 28A.635.090 makes it a crime to interfere by force or violence with any staff member or student who is in the peaceful discharge of his or her duties or studies. In addition, RCW 28A635.100 makes it a crime to intimidate or use threat of violence against any staff member or student in the peaceful discharge of his or her duties or studies. Violators will be subject to disciplinary action, Friday Morning School, and/or suspension.

Student Dress

Maintaining a productive learning environment and assuring the safety and well-being of all students are primary concerns of the Board. Student dress shall only be regulated when, in the judgment of school administrators, there is a reasonable expectation that:
A. A health or safety hazard is presented by the student's dress or appearance, including possible membership in a gang or hate group; 
B. Damage to school property could result from the student's dress; or
C. A material and substantial disruption of the educational process could result from the students' dress or appearance.
For the purpose of this policy, a material and substantial disruption of the educational process may be found to exist when a student's conduct is inconsistent with any part of the educational mission of the school district.  Prohibited apparel includes that which features drug, tobacco, or alcohol-related messages; gang-related messages; or lewd, sexual messages.  Student choices in matters of dress should be made in consultation with their parents/guardians.
The uniforms of nationally recognized youth organizations and clothing worn in observance of a student’s religion are not subject to this policy.
The superintendent shall establish procedures providing guidance to students, parents/guardians, and staff regarding appropriate student dress in school or while engaging in co-curricular activities. Such procedures shall ensure that any student wearing, carrying, or displaying gang-related apparel, or exhibiting behavior or gestures that symbolize gang membership, or causing and/or participating in activities which intimidate or affect the attendance of another student shall be asked, with notice to his/her parents/guardians, to make appropriate corrections and shall be subject to discipline if the corrections are not undertaken.


Hazen students respect the personal property of others. Any theft is cause for disciplinary action up to and including expulsion. Due to the potential disruption of teaching and learning, Hazen cannot guarantee searches for stolen property during the school day.  We encourage students to leave valuables at home. Hazen is not responsible for the loss of or damage to any personal property.


Students are not to enter or loiter on any school district campus without proper authorization. A charge of trespass, with notice to police authorities, may be given to any person who creates a disturbance on school property and whose continued or reoccurring presence may result in a real or perceived disruption to the school environment or pose a threat to the safety and well-being of property or person. Students on campus while on suspension and/or expulsion are subject to additional disciplinary action and arrest for criminal trespass. Violators may be subject to discipline, suspension, expulsion and/or arrest for criminal trespass.
All students who are not involved in a supervised activity after school must leave campus by 3:00 p.m. All exterior doors will be locked for security purposes except the main office doors. 


The school district may prosecute students for vandalizing school property. Vandalism is cause for immediate suspension. A school district whose property has been lost or willfully cut, defaced, or injured may withhold grades, diploma, transcript, or deny participation in school related activities of the student responsible for the damage/loss until the student’s parent/guardian has paid for the damages. (RCW 28A.87.120)

Weapons on School Premises (RCW 9.41.280)

Students may not carry weapons and/or objects that look like weapons or can be used as weapons. The possession of any weapon such as knives, guns, clubs, and/or explosive devices, including fireworks, is cause for discipline, up to expulsion for one year or more. Laser pointers are not permitted on campus, except for appropriate instructional use. Possession or use of a laser pointer may result in discipline, up to expulsion.  


Daily attendance is one of the most significant factors in a student‘s achievement. Hazen’s attendance policy is designed to help keep students in school, in every class, and learning as much as possible in order to increase their potential for success in college, career and life. Parents/guardians must notify the attendance office when students will be absent from school, 204-4260 or 204-4210. A note, email or phone call is required from a parent/guardian to excuse an absence. Please email to excuse your student’s absence.
· A student who misses more than half of a class period will receive an absence.
· Students who are 18 years old may write their own notes. The right will be exercised in conjunction with parent/guardian and principal approval. The note must include the date of the absence and the specified reason for the absence. Misuse of this right will result in disciplinary action. Forms available in the attendance office.
· Absences are considered unexcused if the student fails to bring a note from parent/guardian within 3 days after the absence, or if it is so indicated by the principal/designee that the absence was unexcused. Unexcused absences may incur a loss of credit for that day. 
· Unexcused absences will result in disciplinary action, such as lunch detention and Friday school.
· Any student who knows about an absence in advance should make arrangements with their teachers prior to the absence for appropriate make-up work. (See Leave of Absence section.) It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate with the teacher a plan for the recovery of required learning, assignments, and assessments. 
· Students involved in after school activities must attend a full day of school. Students who are absent part, or all, of the school day are not eligible to compete or practice unless permission is granted by the building athletic/activity director or principal.

In most cases, the following conditions will qualify for an absence to be excused: 
1.     School sponsored activities
2.     Personal illness (doctor’s note required after 5 days) or medical/dental appointments 
3.     Family Emergency including but not limited to a death or illness in the family.
4.     Special religious or cultural purpose
5.     Legal court appearance
6.     Post-secondary visit or scholarship interview
7.     State recognized search and rescue
8.     Absence directly related to student’s homeless status
9.     Absence resulting from disciplinary action
10.  Principal and parent/guardian mutually-agreed upon approved activity

Attendance Issues


Tardiness to class brings the following consequences.  Discipline will be progressive:
1st -3rd tardy-    Teacher discretion/teacher conferences with student.
      4th tardy-    Refer to Administrator. Lunch detention Assigned.
   6/8/10/etc.    Every subsequent even numbered tardy will result in referral to Administrator.
NOTE: If a student is caught in a tardy sweep, it will automatically result in a lunch detention.

Arriving Late/Leaving Early

For student safety and the school’s liability, all students must check in or check out in the attendance office when arriving late or leaving campus early. Verification from a parent/guardian is required before a student leaves campus during the day.

Early Dismissal

Temporary early dismissals are granted upon written or telephone requests by the parent/guardian. The request must be made before school on the day of the dismissal. It is recommended that phone calls be made between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. The absence covered by the dismissal will be classified in accordance with the other absences as noted previously, and the early dismissal form must be signed by teachers whose classes will be missed.
Lack of Compliance with Staff: Students who show direct defiance or disrespect to school personnel, or who refuse to respond to reasonable requests or to give proper identification, are subject to progressive discipline/suspension.

Leave of Absence

We strongly encourage the scheduling of appointments and family vacations to be outside of the school day. Attendance is the single most important factor in determining academic achievement. However, we honor “family time.” Absences of 3 days or fewer based on travel or significant lifetime events will be excused. Parent/guardian must submit a written request to the principal prior to the absence. Please be aware that these absences put students at academic risk due to the loss of instructional time. The student is expected to coordinate with the teacher a plan for the recovery of required learning, assignments, and assessments. 
Pre-arranged absences of four or more days must fill out a Leave of Absence form. If the absence will exceed 20 consecutive days, the student will be withdrawn. Leave of Absence forms can be obtained from the attendance office. 

Leaving Class

No student may be outside of a classroom unless the student has an officially approved pass. Hall passes will not be issued during the first ten minutes or last ten minutes of class. Students are not to be in the halls during that time. Students are not allowed off campus except before school, after school, and at lunch (11th and 12th grades only). Loitering in the parking lots is not permitted. Students who return to campus from being truant may be subject to search by school personnel.  Except for emergencies, students must receive permission from a teacher to leave class early. The student is expected to have good cause and return to class promptly. When called from class by a school official, the student is expected to report directly to class after leaving that office. Students who leave class and use the time away for other than intended reasons will be considered truant and subject to corrective action.


Unauthorized absence from school, classes, Study Hall, or leaving the campus at any time other than during lunch will be considered truancy. In instances of truancy, the student will not be allowed to make up work missed. Missing three periods in a day constitutes a full day absence. Five (5) unexcused absences in one month or ten (10) unexcused absences in a school year will cause the school to file a BECCA petition with the Juvenile Court System or Truancy Advisory Board.

Open Lunch

Hazen High School does not have an open campus; we do have an open lunch privilege for 11th and 12th grade students. This allows juniors and seniors to leave the campus at lunch, but they are expected to report on time to class after lunch. Please note: 9th and 10th graders must remain on campus during lunch. 


It is the intent of the school to encourage students to correct undesirable/unacceptable behavior, attendance, or attitude problems whenever reasonably possible.  At each intervention step, the intent is to assist students in identifying the problem, understanding what new behavior is necessary, and encouraging the student to accept accountability for his/her actions. Students must accept responsibility and consequences for the choices they make. 
Disciplinary actions include but are not limited to:

Lunch Detention            Short Term Suspension
After School Intervention        Long Term Suspension
Friday Morning Intervention    Expulsion
In-School Suspension        Change of Placement (Alternative to Hazen) 



Plagiarism is the taking of language, ideas, or thoughts from another person or source and presenting them as original work. Students who use plagiarized papers or projects or are involved in any other form of cheating will be subject to reduction in grades and/or disciplinary action for a first offense. For a second offense in the same school year, a student may be subject to removal from class and/or a failing grade. 

1st offense- ‘F’ for the assignment/test Parent/guardian contact
2nd offense- ‘F’ for the trimester grade Parent/guardian contact    

Drug (Including Alcohol) and Drug Paraphernalia

A student found in possession of drug paraphernalia or drugs, using or under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol in school, on school property or at school functions, will be disciplined as follows:
1st offense-    1. Forty-five (45) day suspension. Parent/guardian contact before the student returns to school.
    2.  Forty (40) days of the suspension will be held in abeyance if the student completes an assessment.  

2nd offense-    1. Student will be suspended for 30-90 days.
     2. Student must complete an assessment and comply with the recommendations.

Confiscated drug paraphernalia will not be returned to students or families.

Drugs – Distribution/Selling

Sale and/or distribution of illegal substances may result in expulsion from the Renton School District and referral to the Renton Police Department.  
 NOTE: State law mandates that students convicted of possession or consumption will lose driving privileges for 1 year.


Fighting is not tolerated, and will result in disciplinary action, including but not limited to loss of privileges, detention, short term suspension, long term suspension, and expulsion.

NOTE: This includes so called “play-fighting,” escalated verbal altercations, physical intention to hurt another person (bucking up) and any other involvement with a fight (promoting, instigating, and/or spectating).

Tobacco (Smoking or Chewing) and E-Cigarettes

Renton School District fully enforces the RCW 28A.210.310 that states students of any age are prohibited from smoking or using tobacco products, or having tobacco products in their possession at any time during the school day or at any school sponsored activity. Students are also not allowed to use or possess e-cigarettes, vapor cigarettes, or any other inhalant or e-cigarette paraphernalia on school property, or at any school sponsored activity. Before or after school, students are not to use tobacco or e-cigarette products on or adjacent to the school grounds and/or visual distance of any school grounds.  Disciplinary action includes but is not limited to loss of privilege, detention, and suspension.

Other Infractions

For other school policy infractions (see GENERAL EXPECTATIONS) discipline may include assignment of time, In-School Detention, or suspension/expulsion depending on the situation and circumstances. Suspension may be used for violations of the following criminal acts: verbal abuse/harassment, vandalism, theft, serious disruptions of the educational process, and threats to safety. 

In some circumstances, a student will be emergency expelled as a first response due to immediate and ongoing safety concerns related to the student’s behavior. All discipline applies to misconduct during the school day, at school sponsored activities, while on school grounds, or on school buses or vehicles provided by the district.

Non-discretionary discipline:

Suspensions (including long-term suspensions) and expulsions may be imposed for any of the following student behaviors (non-discretionary discipline):

A.    Having a firearm on school property or school transportation in violation of RCW 28A.600.420 (which results in an expulsion for one year);

B.    Any of the following offenses listed in RCW 13.04.155, including:
1.    any violent offense as defined in RCW 9.94A.030, including 
a.    any felony that Washington law defines as a class A felony or an attempt, criminal conspiracy, or solicitation to commit a class A felony;
b.    manslaughter;
c.    indecent liberties committed by forcible compulsion;
d.    kidnapping;
e.    arson;
f.    assault in the second degree;
g.    assault of a child in the second degree;
h.    robbery;
i.    drive-by shooting; or
j.    vehicular homicide or vehicular assault caused by driving a vehicle while under the influence of intoxicating liquor or any drug, or by operating a vehicle in a reckless manner;

2.    any sex offense as defined in RCW 9.94A.030, which includes any felony violation of chapter 9A.44 RCW (other than failure to registered as a sex offender in violation of 9A.44.132), including rape, rape of a child, child molestation, sexual misconduct with a minor, indecent liberties, voyeurism, and any felony conviction or adjudication with a sexual motivation finding; 
3.    inhaling toxic fumes in violation of chapter 9.47A RCW;
4.    any controlled substance violation of chapter 69.50 RCW;
5.    any liquor violation of RCW 66.44.270;
6.    any weapons violation of chapter 9.41 RCW, including having a dangerous weapon at school in violation of RCW 9.41.280;
7.    any violation of chapter 9A.36 RCW, including assault, malicious harassment, drive-by shooting, reckless endangerment, promoting a suicide attempt, coercion, assault of a child, custodial assault, and failing to summon assistance for an injured victim of a crime in need of assistance;
8.    any violation of chapter 9A.40 RCW, including kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, custodial interference, luring, and human trafficking;
9.    any violation of chapter 9A.46 RCW, including harassment, stalking, and criminal gang intimidation; and/or 
10.    any violation of chapter 9A.48 RCW, including arson, reckless burning, malicious mischief, and criminal street gang tagging and graffiti;      

C.    Two or more violations of the following within a three-year period

1.    criminal gang intimidation in violation of RCW 9A.46.120:
2.    gang activity on school grounds in violation of RCW 28A.600.455;
3.    willfully disobeying school administrative personnel in violation of RCW 28A.635.020; and 
4.    defacing or injuring school property in violation of RCW 28A.635.060; and

D.    Any student behavior that adversely affects the health or safety of other students or educational staff.

The principal shall notify special education staff of any suspensions to be imposed for a student who is currently eligible for special education services or those who might be deemed eligible for special education. To the extent that suspensions may cumulatively or consecutively exceed ten days, the principal will notify relevant special education staff so that the district can ensure that special education discipline procedures are in place, in addition to general education discipline procedures.


Hazen High School has many activities in which students can participate.  Don’t sit on the sidelines—get involved and be a strong voice at Hazen High School. Students are encouraged to purchase a $30 ASB card to support their school, as well as to receive discounts when purchasing tickets to dances, athletic events, the school yearbook, etc. ALL STUDENTS PARTICIPATING IN EXTRA-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES SUPPORTED BY THE ASB ARE REQUIRED TO BUY AN ASB CARD. ASB cards are on sale in the ASB office. There is a $5 replacement fee for lost I.D. card/ASB card.

Activity Card/ID: All students issued I.D. cards must carry them at all times. Students must present I.D. card for admission to all school dances.

Art Club
Anime Club
ASB/Student Government
Black Student Union
Break Dance Club
Culinary Arts Chef Club
DIY Club
Drill Team

Earth Corp
FLASH (Photography club)
Gay Straight Alliance (GSA)
Gordy Guides
Hazen Players (Drama)
Highlander Club
Journalism (The Kilt)
Key Club
Latino Student Union

Literary Magazine (Euphony)
National Honor Society
Robotics Club
Speech and Debate Team
Yearbook (The Lonach)


Hazen is a member of the North Puget Sound League, the West Central District, and the Washington Interscholastic Activities Association. Our teams compete with other conference teams for league, district, and state honors.

Eligibility:  To participate in any interscholastic program, students must:
· pass 4 classes in previous trimester and maintain passing grades in at least 4 classes during current trimester;
· meet district minimum grade point average standard of 2.0; some activities may require higher G.P.A.’s as per their constitutions;
· purchase an ASB card;
· pay participation fee of $75;
· pay all outstanding fines & clear all detention hours;
· have on file a recent physical examination;
· purchase insurance or sign an insurance waiver;
· meet all W.I.A.A. rules and regulations; and
· receive an athletic clearance slip from the athletic secretary in the main office.

Fall Athletics
cross country (boys/girls)
golf (boys and girls)
football (boys)
soccer (girls)
swimming (girls)
tennis (boys)
volleyball (girls)

Winter Athletics
basketball (boys)
basketball (girls)
bowling (girls)
gymnastics (girls)
swimming (boys)
wrestling (boys)
wrestling (girls)

Spring Athletics
baseball (boys)    softball (girls)
soccer (boys)
tennis (girls)
track (boys and girls)

Sportsmanship: Hazen High School is responsible for following sportsmanship and spectator guidelines. These guidelines are published in the hopes that high school athletics will be kept within the proper spirit of competition:
• encourage the rules and traditions of league loyalty that will be recognized by everyone with whom we come in contact.
• exemplify the highest principles of moral character, citizenship, scholarship, and sportsmanship upon which the Seamount League is established.
• maintain a courteous, respectful attitude toward all schools, officials, athletes, and spectators with which we come into contact.
• be tolerant that all students have equal rights in the activities of the various schools around the league.
• display modesty in victory and graciousness in defeat, to cultivate a spirit of honesty and fairness in all we do.
Continue to remember the principles of good sportsmanship and keep Hazen in the forefront of being known as a great school.

Student Government

All students are members of the Hazen Associated Student Body (ASB) and are encouraged to actively participate in student government. The student body is governed by the Student Council Executive Board and Senate, which is composed of the following voting members: ASB President; Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer; Historian; Highlander Club officers; Parliamentarian; one representative from each home room; the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman class presidents; and the president from each chartered club.


Student Government

ASB President: Ben Bunyatipanon
ASB Vice President: Vi Ho 
ASB Secretary: Fatima Al-Shamary
ASB Treasurer: Claire Bueno
ASB Historian: Maiya Metzger
Highlander Club: Sophia Travis
Highlander Club: Truman Bjarke
Parliamentarian: Ally Chelsy

Senior Class

President: Kristie Lee
Vice President: Keila Mohan
Secretary/Treasurer: Winnie Leung
Spirit Rep:  Mikela Rivera
Class of 2019 Advisors Becky Hewitt

Junior Class

President: Kylie Doan
Vice President: Stephanie Phan
Secretary/Treasurer: Lauren Cook
Spirit Rep: Nick Dean
Class of 2020 Advisor………….TBD

Sophomore Class

President: Amanda DeBoldt
Vice President: Makenna Kjellsen
Secretary/Treasurer: Narina Culos
Spirit Rep: Samantha Wilson
Class of 2021 Advisor.…. Diane Rademacher & Keith Peck

Freshman Class

President    TBD
Vice President    TBD
Class of 2022 Advisor……………………TBD


All policies and procedures of the Renton School District may be found and accessed at the website.  Please note that we provide annual notice regarding the policies and procedures listed below to all students and families.  This document constitutes our annual notice, such that if you have additional concerns or need more information you may access the most up-to-date information using the link above.

Policy and Procedure 3205 – Sexual Harassment of Students Prohibited            
Policy and Procedure 3207 – Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying                
Policy and Procedure 3210 – Nondiscrimination and Harassment-Free Environment       Policy and Procedure 3240 – Student Conduct Expectations and Reasonable Sanctions    
Policy and Procedure 3241 – Classroom Management, Discipline and Corrective Action    
Policy and Procedure 4200 – Safe and Orderly Learning Environment            
Policy 4210 – Regulation of Dangerous Weapons on School Premises                
Policy 4215 – Use of Tobacco and Nicotine Substances                        
Instructional Technology Responsible Use Policy (RUP)

Notice of Rights Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) affords parents and students over 18 years of age (“eligible students”) certain rights with respect to the student’s education records.  They are:
1.The right to inspect and review the student’s education records within 45 days of the day the District receives a request for access.  Parents or eligible students should submit to the school principal (or appropriate school official) a written request that identifies the record(s) they wish to inspect.  The principal or appropriate school official will make arrangements for access and notify the parent or eligible student of the time and place where the records may be inspected.
2.The right to request the amendment of student’s education records that the parent or eligible student believes are inaccurate or misleading. Parents or eligible students may ask Renton School District to amend a record that they believe is inaccurate or misleading.  They should write the school principal or custodian of such records, clearly identify the part of the record they want changed, and specify why it is inaccurate or misleading.
If the District decides not to amend the record as requested by the parent or eligible student, the District will notify the parent or eligible student of the decision and advise them of their right to a hearing regarding the request for amendment.  Additional information regarding the hearing procedures will be provided to the parent or eligible student when notified of the right to a hearing.
3.The right to consent to disclosures of personal identifiable information contained in the student’s education records, except to the extent that FERPA authorizes disclosure without consent. One exception which permits disclosure without consent is disclosure to school officials with legitimate educational interests.  A school official is a person employed by the District as an administrator, supervisor, instructor, or support staff member (including health or medical staff and law enforcement personnel); a person serving on the School Board; a person or company with whom the District has contracted to perform a special task (such as an attorney, auditor, medical consultant, or therapist); or parent or student serving on an official committee, such as disciplinary or grievance committee, or assisting another school official in performing his or her tasks.
A school official has a legitimate educational interest if the official needs to review an education record in order to fulfill his or her professional responsibility.  Upon request, the Renton School District will disclose education records without consent to officials of another school district in which a student seeks or intends to enroll.
4.The right to file a complaint with the Department of Education concerning alleged failures by the District to comply with the requirements of FERPA.  The name and address is:
Family Policy Compliance Office, U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Avenue, S.W., Washington, DC  20202-4605.

Head Lice Information

Head lice are an occasional annoyance for children in schools.  Please check your child’s head every few weeks for signs of lice.  It is easier to tackle the issue when lice are found early.  

Inspect your child’s head and hair, particularly around the ears and at the nape of the neck.  Look for:
•    Intense itching and/or red marks on the scalp
•    Tiny oval whitish eggs (nits).  Nits are tightly attached to the hair and will not flake off like dandruff or hair product. 
•    Live lice – See the links below for pictures of lice.

To prevent lice, instruct your children not to share combs, brushes, or clothing.  Lice do not jump or fly from one person to another.  They are transmitted only by close contact with persons or articles such as hats, brushes, combs, pillows, coats, etc. which contain the lice or nits on them. 
If you find nits or lice on your child’s head, several steps are needed to get rid of them including correctly using a FDA-approved lice hair treatment, nit removal and washing all articles in contact with hair in hot water.  
If you find your child has lice, please inform the office staff at school so that school lice procedures can be followed.  Bring your child to the school office to be checked prior to returning to the classroom.  It is also helpful to inform the adults in charge of other children with whom your child has close contact, such as close friends, daycare, sports teams or youth groups.  Consult your child’s health care provider if you do not have success treating the lice with over-the-counter products.
For more information, visit:
King County Lice Information
State of Washington Lice Information 
Center for Disease Control - CDC
CDC - Lice Treatment