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2024 Grad Guide

A Graduation Guide for Hazen High School Senior Class 2024
The following information pertaining to graduation and the many related activities and responsibilities has been prepared for your convenience. The final days of your secondary education will be interesting, busy, and important. You will be completing classwork and preparing for finals, not to mention a few of the numerous details connected with the conclusion of your high school career. The importance of all of this suggests a need for summarizing vital responsibilities and activities.

The administration, faculty, secretaries, and custodians have given this event considerable thought and planning. Their wish for your final appearance as a student of Hazen High School is that the occasion will be one of which you, your parents, and your friends may be proud of.

Your cooperation in making this year's graduation ceremony a successful endeavor is appreciated.

Hazen Administration Team
Craig Cooper - Principal
Kelly Jones - Assistant Principal Dr. Stephanie Zikopoulos - Assistant Principal and Athletic Director
Drew O’Connell - Assistant Principal
Mollie Price - Senior Class Co-Advisor
Mikaela Southern - Senior Class Co-Advisor

Graduation Date and Time
ShoWare Center, Kent, June 12th, 2024, 3:30PM

Requirements for Participation in Commencement Exercises

  • In order to participate in Graduation Ceremonies, a student must have 26.00 or more credits, a completed their Graduation Pathway Requirement, High School and Beyond Plan, and 20 or more hours of community service.
  • A student must have been in the attendance and completed at least one of the last two trimesters at Hazen, unless the student has been enrolled full time in the Running Start Program.
  • All fines, fees, lunch detentions, and obligations must be cleared prior to participation in the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Each participating students MUST participate in the Graduation Ceremony rehearsal - no exceptions.
  • Each student who participates will purchase or rent the proper cap, gown, and stole as designated by the school administration, the class advisor, and the officers.
  • Caps and gowns will be worn in the proper manner as designated by the school administration and class advisor.
  • Each student who participates will be expected to cooperate with the class advisor and participate in all parts of the Graduation Ceremony.
  • A student cannot be concurrently enrolled in a course as part of their schedule and the same course for credit retrieval. In order to enroll in a credit retrieval course, the student must have previously failed the course and withdrawn from the class. The student's transcript will reflect a failing grade and the credit retrieval grade.
  • All credit retrieval course work, including the end-of-course exam, whether online or independent study, to be counted toward graduation, must be completed in order to count toward graduation. A grade must be received no later than 2:30PM on the Monday June 10th in order to count towards graduation credit.
  • Failure to comply with the above requirements will automatically forfeit a student's privilege of participation in the graduation ceremonies. 
Senior Countdown
January 22 Senior Meeting #1, Virtual- ZOOM, 9:45- 10:09 AM
Distribution of Grad Guide
March 1st Oliver M. Hazen Award Application goes live.
March 25 Senior Meeting #2, Virtual- Zoom, 9:45- 10:09 AM
April 1

HSBPS- High School and Beyond Plans and Community Service Hours Due

  • Participation in Commencement - if you are NOT planning to participate in the Commencement Ceremony, please report that fact to Ms. Umetsu in the Main Office ASAP.
April 19th Spirit of the Highlander Award Celebration
April 24th

Outstanding Seniors Board Meeting

Aril 29th Senior Class Meeting #3- (in person in the Auditorium)
April 29th Senior Ball tickets go on sale
May 1st
  • Scholarship information deadline for Graduation Program due to Mr. Nguyen in the Opportunity Center
  • Oliver M. Hazen Applications due
  • Student Speaker Applications due
  • Senior Questionnaire Due
May 15th

If you wish to purchase extra Graduation tickets, you will go to the ASB Office, purchase your tickets, and then bring your receipt to Ms. Umetsu in the Main Office.

  • Students receive six (6) for free.
  • Students will be allowed to purchase up to 10 extra tickets from TBD to TBD.
  • After TBD students will be allowed to purchase up to 10 more extra tickets.
  • Only students are allowed to purchase extra grad tickets.

Teachers report to counselors if a student is at risk of failing a class needed for graduation.

  • Graduation tickets will be put on hold for students who have not completed their HSBP, are failing classes, have not
  • submitted community service hours, have an incomplete in
  • Washington State History, or have not completed the Graduation Pathway requirements.
  • Extra tickets can still be purchased, but all the above needs to be addressed before tickets can be picked up TBD.
  • Start sending Ms. Umetsu emails for additional regalia requests for Mr Cooper to approve
May 29th

Commencement Tickets will begin to be distributed outside the Main Office during lunch and after school.
Remember that in order to receive your tickets:

  • ALL fines have to be paid
  • ALL detention hours must be cleared
  • ALL Graduation Requirements have to be met
  • If you do not pick up your tickets before end of day TBD, we will assume you do not want them.
  • Senior Awards Night
    • 6pm Auditorium
  • Deadline to sign up for the bus to the graduation ceremony
May31st Senior Assembly in the Gym
Anytime Chromebook Collection Opens for Seniors
  • Chromebooks can be turned in as soon as the student no longer needs it for class.
June 5th Last day to turn in regalia requests to Ms. Umetsu for Mr. Cooper to approve.
June 7th
  • Senior 4th and 5th period finals
  • All remaining graduation requirements (i.e. WA State History, HYSB, Community Service, Credit Retrieval Class, BYU and other online courses etc.) must be complete. 
June 10th
  • Senior 1st, 2nd, and 3rd period finals
  • Senior Clearance will be in the Common starting at 11:45 am by last name:
    • A-G 11:45- 12:45
    • H-M 12:45- 1:45
    • N-Z 1:45- 2:45
      • Graduation Clearance Sheet must be turned into the counselors by 3:30pm in the Commons.
      • You will NOT participate in graduation if this form is not turned in on time.
      • Fines issued after ticket distribution must be cleared by the end of the day, June 10th.
        • If they are not, you will NOT participate in the graduation
        • The Kitchen Manager goes home at 1:00 pm. If you DO NOT pay your lunch fines before 1:00 pm on this day YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PARTICIPATE IN GRADUATION
June 11th
  • Last Day for Seniors- Last Lesson & Graduation Rehearsal
  • Report to the Auditorium at 8:00am. This is required for all seniors who will be participating in the Graduation Ceremony.
  • Commencement Rehearsal will be in the Main Gym at 9:30 AM. This is required for all seniors who will participating in the Graduation Ceremony.
    • Final instructions relative to commencement exercises will be issued at this time. Seniors planning to participate and receive their diploma at the ceremony MUST be present for this rehearsal. If you are absent from rehearsal you will NOT be permitted to participate in the ceremony.
  • Once rehearsal is over, seniors will be released to the Senior BBQ
June 12th Commencement Ceremony at the ShoWare Center in Kent
  • 2:15 pm - Report to rear entrance for searches
  • 2:30 pm - Report to dressing rooms
  • 3:00 pm - Roll check in the line-up area
  • 3:15 pm - Form processional lines in staging areas
  • 3:25 pm - Move the processional line to entrance
  • 3:30 pm - Begin Ceremony
June 13th  Diplomas will be available to pick up from the Registrar’s Office (room 109) starting at 7:00am on June 13th. The last day to pick up diplomas will be June 28th. The Registrar’s Office is open M-F from 7am-3pm, with a lunch break between 11 and 12. 


Fines and other Obligations
All fines must be paid in full, detention hours cleared, High School and Beyond Plan completed, and students must be passing required courses before they can receive their graduation tickets, purchase additional tickets or PARTICIPATE IN THE GRADUATION CEREMONY.

Please check at home and return all books that are the property of the school district. It is your responsibility to makes sure you do not have any fines. Check for Athletics, ASB, Library, Cafeteria, and General Fines. Cafeteria fines must be paid in the Cafeteria and all other fines should be paid in the ASB Office. Fines may be paid after school and during lunches.

You can email Ms. Marks if you need to check if you have lunch detentions to complete. This also applies to Running Start students. However, if your RS start schedule prevents you from attending the regularly scheduled lunch detention, you can set-up another time to serve your lunch detention with Ms. Marks.

Graduation with Honors
Seniors with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 or higher will receive gold honor cords for the commencement ceremony. Seniors who are in the top 7% of their class will wear blue distinct honor cords. Oliver M. Hazen medallions and stoles may be worn. Any Spirit of the Highlander Medal collected over your high school career may be worn. Cords, Oliver M. Hazen medallions, Seals of Biliteracy, and stoles will be issued at the Senior Awards Night.

Scholarship Listing for the Graduation Program
Students who wish to have their scholarships listed in the Graduation Program need to complete the Senior Questionnaire and return it to Mr. Nguyen in the Opportunity Center by May 1st. Any additional Scholarship information not included on the Senior Questionnaire needs to be communicated to Mr. Nguyen by May 1st. Any Scholarship information submitted after this date will not be included in the program.

Commencement Admission Tickets
Each graduate will receive six (6) tickets for free. Up to ten (10) extra tickets can be purchased starting May 15th for $5 each. These tickets will be added to their original six (6) tickets and can be picked up when tickets are ready to be distributed. After May 29th, students may also purchase up to another additional ten (10) tickets.


Admission to the Commencement Ceremony at the ShoWare Center will be by Hazen-issued tickets only. Doors will open at TBD. Each person needs a ticket for admittance except for children under the age of two (2). Individuals with tickets not issued by Hazen will not be
admitted. Lost tickets cannot be replaced, and no one except the members of the graduation class can be admitted without a ticket.

Security at Admission
Guests are encouraged to arrive early to allow extra time to enter the facility. Guests should also only bring in necessary items to help expedite entry.
Security measures will include the following:

  • Metal detector wands to be used at all points of entry.
  • Backpacks are prohibited from entering the arena.
  • Clear bags ONLY, may not be larger than 12"x12"x6" or 1 gallon Ziploc bags.
  • Clutches no larger than 4.5"x6.5" are allowed.

For a full list of prohibited items at the ShoWare center, and to view the Code of Conduct policy, please visit the ShoWare Center's A-Z Guide.

Graduation Attire

  • A few days before graduation, place the gown on a hanger and allow it to hang, press with a warm (not hot) iron.
  • Do not wear cap and gown to commencement. Carry it with you and dress in the area provided at the ShoWare Center.
  • All students will be searched by district security and admin when entering at the student entrance.
  • Seniors will NOT be permitted to carry phones during the ceremony. Please leave phones with parent/guardian/trusted guest.
  • To present a uniform, formal appearance, please observe the following:
    • No flowers or flashy jewelry should be worn, including flower, candy, and money leis.
    • Student should wear business attire under their graduation gown (i.e. suit, dress pants and button up shirt, dress, slacks, or skirt and blouse)
    • Shorts, flipflops, and crocs will not be permitted.
    • Caps are to be worn straight on the head, with tassels on the left.
    • Mortarboard (graduation cap) is to be level, front point in the back. NO DECORATIONS on the cap are allowed.
    • Unless otherwise approved, the only regalia allowed to be worn during the ceremony
    • consists of the following:
      • Spirit of the Highlander Award Medal
      • Oliver M. Hazen Award Medal
      • Seal of Biliteracy
      • Oliver M. Hazen Stole
      • Purchased Gold Stole with or without date
      • Blue and White Honor Cords
      • Gold Honor Cords

Unless it is a religious requirement, the only headgear allowed for the ceremony is your mortarboard (cap).

Cultural and Religious Regalia:

  • The Renton School District will allow tribal regalia or items of religious or cultural significance as an adornment at the Hazen Graduation Ceremony. An adornment is something that's worn or attached to the cap and gown, not in place of them. Examples of adornment could include an eagle feather, pins, necklaces, cultural stones, or tribal honor cords.
    • Students MUST get their regalia or items of cultural significance approved by Principal Cooper by June 5th, 2023.
    • Examples that will not be allowed or approved:
      • political statements
      • photos
      • Eagle Scout regalia
      • anything that would cause a disruption to the ceremony

Getting your regalia approved:

  • Please send an email with a photo of the religious or cultural adornment(s) you would like to wear to graduation to Ms. Umetsu in the front office.
  • Ms. Bowen will send it onto Principal Cooper. Once Principal Cooper approves or denies the regalia, Ms. Bowen will send a follow-up email to you letting you know the decision.

Diploma Distribution Instructions
Diplomas will NOT be distributed at the ShoWare Center. You may pick up your diploma up from Ms. Storms on the following dates and times in the Registrar’s Office:
June 13th - 6:00 am - 11:30 am & 12:30 pm - 2:30 pm.
June 14th - 7:00 am - 11:30 am & 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm.
If you cannot come on either of the above dates and times please call the registrar's office to schedule a time to come pick up your diploma.

Special Instructions for Off-Campus Graduation
Location: ShoWare Center, Kent, WA

  • The Graduation Ceremony is a school-sponsored activity. Therefore, all District and Hazen HS rules/regulations/codes of conduct apply.
  • Transportation to the ShoWare Center is the student's responsibility. However, if you cannot make graduation due to transportation, there can be transportation made available for students who need it. You MUST sign-up in the counseling office with Ms. Courtney by TBD. The bus will depart at TBD and return at approximately TBD. There is no charge for this service.
  • The ShoWare Center parking is free, but space is limited. There may be other parking lots in the area, but these lots do charge and may have limited spaces. Parking in the Regional Justice Center is not allowed and there is NO event parking allowed at Kent Station, Kent Commons, or in the North Park Neighborhood.
  • Doors will open at 3:00pm and will close promptly at 3:30pm to begin the ceremony. Guests who arrive late will not be allowed to enter until after the processional is completed. Please make sure your guests are aware of this.
  • If you require an ASL interpreter, please see Ms. Bowen in the Main Office by May 15th.
  • The District has contracted with Grad Images to take photographs of each graduate as they receive their diploma. Orders can be placed online after graduation. Parents and guests will not be permitted to approach the arena barrier to take pictures.
  • Seniors will NOT be permitted to carry phones during the ceremony. Please leave phones with parent/guardian/trusted guest.
    • All Seniors will be search upon arrival to the rear entrance. To make the process go as fast a possible, please have nothing on your person or in your pockets.
  • Please inform parents/guardians/guests that balloons and flowers ARE NOT ALLOWED
  • inside the stadium.
  • The ShoWare Center specifically forbids bullhorns, silly string, and confetti.
  • No food or beverages will be allowed.
  • No alcohol, illegal substances, or smoking is allowed.
  • Please remember: We are guests at the ShoWare Center. Let's make sure that we are exemplary guests and demonstrate respect for the facility.

Directions to ShoWare Center
625 West James Street, Kent, WA 98032
(253) 856-6777
Directions By Car:
From Seattle, I-5 traveling south: Take exit 149 S. Kent/Des Moines Rd. Follow Kent/Des Moines Rd. as it becomes W. Willis St. Turn left onto 4th Ave. From 4th Ave., turn left on W. James St. and ShoWare Center will be on your right.
From Tacoma, I-5 traveling north: Take exit 149A S. Kent/Des Moines Rd. Follow Kent/Des Moines Rd. as it becomes W. Willis St. Turn left onto 4th Ave. From 4th Ave., turn left on W. James St. and ShoWare Center will be on your right.
From Bellevue/Renton, southbound on 167: Take the Willis St. exit. Turn left onto Willis St. and then turn left onto 4th Ave. From 4th Ave., turn left on W. James St. and ShoWare Center will be on your right.
From North Bend, westbound I-90 to Hwy 18: Follow HWY 18 to the Covington Exit. Turn right onto Kent-Kangley Rd. Follow Kent-Kangley Rd. and turn left onto SE 256th St. Continue down the hill which changes into W. Smith. Turn right onto 4th Ave. From 4th Ave., turn left on W. James Street and ShoWare Center will be on your right.
From Puyallup and Auburn, northbound on 167: Take the Willis St. exit. Turn right onto Willis St. and then turn left onto 4th Ave. From 4th Ave., turn left on W. James St. and ShoWare Center will be on your right.

From 4th Ave. turn left PRIOR to W. James St. on W. Smith St. to access south entrance to James Street Park & Ride. Parking at ShoWare Center

Free Parking Locations:
625 W. James Street Kent, WA 98032
902 W. James Street Kent, WA 98032
401 4th Ave N. Kent, WA 98032
320 Ramsay Way Kent, WA 98032

If You Have Any Questions

If you have any questions, or need anything please feel free to reach out to the senior class advisor - Ms. Price, Ms. Southern or to Ms. Umetsu in the main office.