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Senior Photos


Senior photos can be uploaded to this Josten Link  and are due February 10.

Upload Senior Photos due by February 10.

Senior Photo Requirements:

  • Photo MUST BE VERTICAL and from the waist up. Horizontal photos will not work with yearbook formatting.  
  • Photos must be higher resolution (of between 250 and 300 ppi/ dpi) so it prints clearly. If you are not sure, just submit and we will let you know. 
  • Photos can be taken indoor or out- background must be simple and scenery should not block the student.
  • Arms/hands should not be above the waist or knees blocking the body.
  • Clothing and jewelry must be in accordance with school dress code guidelines.  
  • Photos must be in color, with no texture, name stamping, embossing, logo, or date stamp.