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Go to the Canvas App for the Zoom link

These other clubs will be getting started soon 

Club Advisor Where When
Art Club Megan Monroe Zoom  TBD
BSU Mikaela Southern Zoom  TBD
Dance Club Bill Hollands/
Lisa Mannschreck
Zoom   TBD 
EarthCorps Casey Pearson Zoom   TBD 
FIDM Fashion Club Renee Crow Zoom   TBD 
German Club Gail Ellis Zoom   TBD 
Journalism  Amy Charles Zoom  TBA
STEM Club Pollard Zoom  TBA
Table Tennis/Ping Pong Club Karan Mahna Zoom  TBA
Ultimate Frisbee Blaine Alvarez Zoom  TBA
9th Grade Class   Zoom  TBA
11th Grade Class   Zoom  TBA
12th Grade Class  Shannon Rance/ Hallie Homida  Zoom  TBA

Club Update!

Advisors have been working hard to get all club information up and running. Please join the new Hazen High Club Canvas Page.

Parents: If you want to see what students are doing in clubs you are also welcome to join as an observer. Your student must enroll in the club course for it to be added to your observing courses.  They can use the link above and add the course to their courses and then it will show up in your course stream.