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How to change a computer password

Student computer passwords will require a reset every 90 days. You can wait for them to "expire" but you want to do it early here is how. 

On the start up screen tap the Apps icon

Open your Chromebook, when the computer is at the start screen tap the "Apps" icon

Tap the Renton School District Update Password

 Tap the Renton School District Update Password

Input information

Wait for the app to open, then input your OUTLOOK email:
Old Password (it means your current password)
New password - Your new password must be completely different, you cannot repeat an old password, EVER. It also must be complex. I suggest your pick your favorite thing- mine is Puppies, then the month and year. Example: Puppies1122

This process has changed your computer password. You should now go to Skyward and change that password too, as it will also expire. If you don't remember how - there are directions HERE. 

What is a complex password?

  • 8-12 characters long
  • it must include 3 of the following: upper case letter, lower case letter, number, special character (!@#$%^&*)
  • not your name
  • not your id#
  • no spaces

Last Step
A Google screen will pop up and ask for your Google Password - YOU DON'T HAVE ONE
Tap- "I forgot my password"
then tap- "Proceed anyway"