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Chromebook Help & Tips

Senior Clearance is coming June 10 - 11:45-2:45 - This is a required event for all seniors who want to walk at graduation (more information about graduation). The first step at Clearance is turning in your Chromebook - make sure you have removed all stickers and the adhesive, Wipe it down with a damp cloth, make sure it is charged - we need to verify it will turn on. We will be checking to see if there is any damage. If there is and you do not have the DPP you will be charged $25 to add it to your account. If you have it and have exceeded the first 2 "no charge" events then you will be charged for repairs at the discounted rate. If you have lost your chromebook there is a $350 replacement fee. If you are in running start and need to keep your Chromebook until finals are over, please contact Mrs. Eide

Transition to NEW SKYWARD
This summer, Renton School District will join other regional school districts as we transition to a new version of Skyward. Information for staff regarding this transition and supporting resources are available in RSDnet > New Skyward.

Access to Skyward will be unavailable to students, families, and staff during the transition, beginning July 22 and ending once the new system is live (targeted for early August). This information is also being emailed to all district families and we’ve placed information for families on this Skyward Family Access website.

If you are new to the school district and do not have a Laptop or log in information- You will come to the library at the direction of your teacher to come get  your Chromebook and will also get computer login and Skyward information.

Mythbusters 9th grade Chromebook Edition
Myth #1- Students can wait till their Chromebook breaks to replace it
False - The school district wants you to start High School with a new device that will last until graduation. The old ones you have now will be refurbished then redistributed to elementary schools.

Myth #2- I can't return my Chromebook without my bag or charger
False - We don't want the bags back. The charger we do want back. If you lost it there is a $10 charge for replacement. The fee is added to your ASB account and can be paid another time.  

Myth #3- I will have to pay 100's of dollars to fix my old broken computer before I can get a new one.
False - If your computer is broken, come talk to Mrs. Eide. We can work it out.

Myth #4 - I lost my computer, and I am afraid to tell anyone.
Sorry you are scared, don't be. Come talk to Mrs. Eide. We can work it out.

Myth #5 - I Have to back up all my work before I can swap Chromebook!
FALSE - all your work is automatically being saved to google drive. Don't believe it? Go to the MyApps dashboard and tap on Google Drive.

Mrs. Eide is available in person and via email

If you are having issues with your laptop, here are some ideas that might help:

8/25/2023 Default Password Change

On August 25th student passwords will be reset to a new default. Please look for an email from the Principal with the new format for student default passwords. You will need to the RSD School network to reset a password. Go to your nearest school and you should be able to connect from the parking lot. 

Unable to login

To login to a Chromebook you must use your outlook email -
Your password will be the new default password unique to you
- If you are asked to change your password or your password has expired, it will ask for your old password. That is the one you have been using, probably the new default password
Then you create a new password - Microsoft has specific requirements for passwords: The rules on what is an acceptable password are: 

  • 8-12 characters long
  • not your name
  • not your id#
  • no spaces
  • it must include 3 of the following: upper case letter, lower case letter, number, special character (!@#$%^&*)

Example: One.letter1 or Hazen2023

Google Password 

If you are asked for a google password, tap "forgot my password", tap "proceed anyway". If you are still stuck, please close all browser tabs and restart the Chromebook.

Computer Password isn't working

All student passwords will be reset to a new default password configuration on August 25, 2023.  The new default password will be sent to parents via email. If it requires you to change your password after using the default, see new password requirements above. 

This format is for Middle and High School students. The format is different for Elementary Students. If you are still unable to log into your computer with the default password please email Mrs. Eide. Please include your computer log in, your date of birth, name of parent/guardian to verify your identity.

I was able to log in and change my password, but I can't see my Canvas classes - New to the district student will experience a few day lag getting accounts set up and everything syncs. 

"I reset my password, now I can't log in"

If you have used the Change Password app on your Chromebook you must be sure to make your new password must conform to our requirements: 

  • 8-12 characters long
  • not your name
  • not your id#
  • no spaces
  • it must include 3 of the following: upper case letter, lower case letter, number, special character (!@#$%^&*)

Example: One.letter1 or Hazen2023

Skyward password

Your user name for Skyward is fir.las###, hopefully you saved your password on your computer. If not follow the steps to reset your password found on the Change a Skyward Password page. The password complexity requirements changed in April 2022. Passwords must be: 8-12 characters long and include one number and one special character. You cannot repeat a password. Please visit the Skyward Password page for detailed instructions. 

You lost your Chromebook

If you believe you have lost your Chromebook, let Mrs. Eide know right away. She can disable it so that it won’t be of any use to anyone. Often students accidentally swap or walk off with an extra Chromebook as they work on group projects. Having Mrs. Eide disable it alerts the user there is a problem. They will be sent to Mrs. Eide to “fix”. If it is found it will be returned to who it was assigned to. In the mean time, Mrs. Eide will assign a second Chromebook to you while we wait for the “lost” one to surface. You should know, the CPP doesn’t cover lost Chromebooks. If it doesn’t turn up, you will have to pay for it. 

Stolen Chromebook

If your Chromebook is stolen, please notify Mrs. Eide for next steps. 

Chromebook wont turn on

Is it charged?

Double check the charger is it plugged into an active electrical socket. Sometimes they have a switch on the wall, make sure it's on. 

Does the charger have a good connection? There are two sockets on the laptop - one on each side of the laptop, try the other one.

Is there a Red Light on the left side of the laptop? If there isn’t any light then let it sit charging in an active electrical outlet for 10 minutes. If no light appears you may have other issues, email Mrs. Eide.

It has a green light but wont turn on. Do a hard restart - Hold the power button for a super long time – like 1 minute. Let go of the button, wait about 15 seconds then push the button again.

The charger isn't working or you lost it. New ones can be purchased from Amazon

"I'm logged into my ChromEbook, but it wont connect to the 'My Apps/RSD log in portal"

If restarting doesn't help, then go to your nearest RSD school. You don't need to go inside just near a window or doorway. Restart your computer. If it still wont connect to the Portal, then email Mrs. Eide

Hello ID Page - License Expired

We are no longer using the Hello/ID Page as dashboard for your chromebook. Close all the browser tabs, shutdown the Chromebook. Restart then log in. Chrome should launch to the RSD website/RSD Portal page. Tap on the Portal button and a new window will launch. You will work from a page called My Apps. 

Be sure to go to the bookmark manager and delete all favorited pages that link to any app pages from previous years, including the Hello/ID page. 

Screen is Frozen

Do a hard restart = Hold the power button until the screen goes black. You will need to hold the power button about 1 minute. When the screen goes black then tap the power button once again to restart.

YOU Keep having to log into Canvas/wrong password

Close all the tabs, restart your computer (click on the windows button on the bottom left on the task bar, select restart) When the dashboard loads (make sure you navigate to the “hello ID”/RSD Login Portal) click on the CANVAS app.

If you are using Canvas on your phone – the log in is just your user name fir.las000 – leave off the, then your regular computer password

Can't remember password to Dreambox or Office or Career Cruising

Restart your computer, navigate to the RSD login portal/”hello ID”. Click on the tile for the app. You are already logged in.

Can't remember my  log in or computer password

Email Mrs. Eide

Can't remember how to log into Skyward

Go to the Skyward help page

I can't open documents from Canvas, Documents are blank

Make sure you have restarted recently, this will update all the apps. The process to open a document has changed a little bit. What you need to do is From Canvas >Click on the file you want to download then navigate to either Google Docs or Word  from the Hello ID/RSD portal, then:
Google docs: Click on the +New button > Folder Upload>Downloads>Click on the file they want>upload
Office 365/Word: Click on Upload and open>the "My Files" opens> select the file to upload>Open
Then open from Google docs or office 365. 

I am not getting any email in my Outlook account

Tech Services enabled a setting that pushes all email to your Gmail account. Go back to your My Apps page and tap on the Gmail app. You can disable this if you want. 

Lost your Stylus

We will not charge you if you lost or broke your stylus, but we will not replace it. Here is a link to replace it.

I need help with my students use of their Chromebook

GoGuardian Parent is a mobile app to help keep parents/guardians aware of their children's activity on school-issued devices and provide additional controls during out-of-school hours. You can find more information about this app on the Technology Safety Information for Families webpage under "GoGuardian Parent App".

If your Chromebook is broken, or you tried the applicable tip above, please email Mrs. Eide at Be well & WASH YOUR HANDS!