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Chromebook Help & Tips

If you are having issues with your laptop, here are some ideas that might help:

Chromebook wont turn on

Is it charged?

Double check the charger is it plugged into an active electrical socket. Sometimes they have a switch on the wall, make sure it's on. 

Does the charger have a good connection? There are two sockets on the laptop - one on each side of the laptop, try the other one.

Is there a Red Light on the left side of the laptop? If there isn’t any light then let it sit charging in an active electrical outlet for 10 minutes. If no light appears you may have other issues, email Mrs. Eide

It has a green light but wont turn on. Do a hard restart - Hold the power button for a super long time – like 1 minute. Let go of the button, wait about 15 seconds then push the button again.

Screen is Frozen

Do a hard restart = Hold the power button until the screen goes black. You will need to hold the power button about 1 minute. When the screen goes black then tap the power button once again to restart.

YOU Keep having to log into Canvas/wrong password

Close all the tabs, restart your computer (click on the windows button on the bottom left on the task bar, select restart) When the dashboard loads (make sure you navigate to the “hello ID”/RSD Login Portal) click on the CANVAS app.

If you are using Canvas on your phone – the log in is just your user name fir.las000 – leave off the, then your regular computer password

Can't remember password to Dreambox or Office or Career Cruising

Restart your computer, navigate to the RSD login portal/”hello ID”. Click on the tile for the app. You are already logged in.

If your Chromebook is Broken or you tried the applicable tip above Please email Mrs. Eide at Be well & WASH YOUR HANDS!