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Student Parking

Parking a student car on campus is a privilege. Student parking areas are open to all students with valid parking permits. During the hours 6:30am-4:00pm all staff and visitor parking areas are off limits to students.

Parking Passes
Parking permits are available for purchase for grade levels 12th, 11th, and 10th. Although our goal is to make this accessible to all students, we are limited in spaces. We will start with 12th grade and open it to the subsequent grade levels if additional spaces are available. Please see the initial purchase windows below, read the parking procedures here and bring your parking purchase receipt,  your signed parking agreement, a copy of your current proof of insurance, and a copy of your drivers license when you pick up your permit.

Parking Permit Availability

  • 12th grade- August 25-August 27 online at 8am or during office hours (8-12, 1-3)
  • 11th grade (if available)- August 28-August 30 online at 8am or during office hours (8-12, 1-3)
  • 10th grade (if available)- August 31- September 1 online at 8am or during school hours

Questions? Email Dean Carrick at 

To better serve our students we have made changes to our parking assignments. See below for student and staff lots.


To purchase parking online:

 Students paying for parking privileges must complete the Hazen Parking Agreement.

Parking Permits are available for purchase for 12th, 11th, & 10th graders only (based on availability).


Steps to obtain a parking permit (if available):

1.) Provide receipt for paid parking

2.) signed Parking Permit Application

3.)  A copy of your driver's license,

4.) A copy of current insurance.


Parking Pick-Up Availability

  • August 29 1pm-3pm
  • August 30 12pm-2pm
  • August 31 at lunchtime

Staff Parking:

North Parking Lot: D-Wing Entrance  (D-Wing entrance by side of Gym)

South Parking lot (front of school by Hoquiam)

End of 700 Wing (close to water tower)

Parking lot closest to Auditorium

(Pool lot is closed for school year due to Pool construction)


Student Parking:
North Parking  lot (north of 700 wing)

East lot (east of classes in 100s wing)

Tennis Court Parking lot


Additional information:
All visitor lots will remain in front of school, west parking lots, and in east lot
All disabled parking will remain in same spots
Custodial staff will prioritize raising gates by Collaboratory
This year we are ordering a bundle package with ASB.  
Students must pay for a parking pass online, or in the ASB Office. To Obtain parking pass, students must provide parking receipt, completed parking application, a copy of the drivers license, vehicle registration,  and a copy of current vehicle  insurance. After these steps, students must place validation sticker low on front passenger window. Failure to do so will result in a ticket (even if you have already paid).

The speed limit will not exceed ten (10) miles per hour on the school campus at any time. Infractions of any safety rules will be grounds for the loss of parking privileges at school.
No student is to return to his/her vehicle at any time during the school day, unless they are leaving campus. 

Handicapped parking stalls by PERMIT ONLY.
Parking of student vehicles will be permitted only in the student parking lots. Students parked in a staff lot, visitor parking area, or parked illegally will be subject to disciplinary action and/or fine.

 All drivers are subject to all rules, including display of parking permits.
Students will be ticketed if they park in any spot labeled “Shop” (outside the 700 building).
Parking is not permitted on the road in front of the school between 7am-4pm.
Parking fines will be assessed for parking violations: $20 for the first offense, $30 for second. For the third offense vehicle may be secured with a boot, making the vehicle unmovable, until a meeting is held with an administrator to establish expectations and future consequences if violations continue. A parent/guardian phone call will be made at the conclusion of the meeting.

WARNING: VEHICLES SUBJECT TO SEARCH. Any vehicle entering Hazen or on adjacent city streets (considered an extension of the school parking lot and campus) is subject to search and seizure. Such a search may be conducted for any reasonable purpose when related to a possible school violation. The vehicle search includes all compartments and components thereof. Once a search begins, the person in control of the vehicle will not be permitted to remove it from the premises during the reasonable duration of the search

Full Year ASB card + parking bundle: $55 + tax
Full Year parking with no ASB card: $40 + tax
Per trimester parking, with ASB card: $8 + tax
Per trimester parking, with no ASB card: $13 + tax
Questions about prices can be answered in the ASB Office