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ASB Elections

ASB Executive Board/Class Elections
20-21 Campaign Regulations & Application

Candidates must meet all deadlines for the items on the dates below or will not be allowed to run for office. If you would like more information on the roles associated with the open positions, please see position descriptions in our Constitution, or email either (ASB/Leadership Advisor) or (ASB Secretary).

Office Positions open:

President (12th grade)
Vice President (12th grade)
Secretary (10th, 11th, 12th grade)
Treasurer (11th or 12th grade)
Parliamentarian (11th or 12th grade)
Public Relations (10th, 11th, 12th grade)
Highlander Club Co-Presidents (12th grade)
12th grade class President
12th grade Vice President
12th grade Secretary/Treasurer
11th grade class President
11th grade Vice President
11th grade Secretary/Treasurer
10th grade class President
10th grade Vice President
10th grade Secretary/Treasurer
9th grade class President
9th grade Vice President
9th grade Secretary/Treasurer

Candidate Deadlines:

Information Meeting 
Thursday, November 5 OR Thursday, October 29 12:00PM
Zoom link

Application and Speeches Due
Friday, November 13 3:00 PM    
Send to:

Home Room Elections Homeroom
Monday, November 23 
Zoom link