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The Earth is not flat

On Friday May 13th STEM club had a very successful launch of a high altitude balloon. While our radio telemetry computer suffered a malfunction, our secondary gps system worked perfectly and allowed us to follow the path of the balloon as it ascended over Snoqualmie pass and descended to the east and north, finally landing about 15 miles to the west of Leavenworth. By an extraordinary stroke of luck the balloon landed within 75 feet of highway 2, less favorably is was also 75 feet up in a tree.  Some helpful local contacts put us in touch with a tree climber who was able to retrieve the payload Sunday morning.  Thirty minutes later in the Leavenworth Starbucks, coffee in hand and cameras plugged in, we got to see this!

Here are two video compilations of the STEM Club’s High Altitude Weather Balloon Flight.
Trimmed down, tidied up video of balloon flight and recovery
Longer version showing STEM club build process, balloon flight, and recovery