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SAT Update

Spring SAT Sign-Ups for Juniors

We are delighted to offer the SAT over three dates to Hazen Juniors this Spring.  Testing will occur over three dates: March 24th, April 13th, and April 27th, with staggered start times between 7:30-8:30am to minimize contact between student groups.  The exam is roughly 5 hours long and is optional. We can host up to 150 students per session, with a 15:1 student to adult ratio in each classroom.  

Any Hazen Junior who wants to take the exam will be registered and fees will be paid by RSD.

Before you decide if you want to take the SAT, please carefully read over these details:

  • Due to the impacts of COVID-19, many colleges do not currently require an SAT score to apply and be accepted!  Standardized test scores are not required to enter any of the 33 open access Washington State Community and Technical Colleges.  Many colleges, including the UW, have suspended this requirement and some institutions are Test-Optional: List of Test Optional institutions.  We recommend that students verify the standardized test requirement for the specific institutions they are interested in this Fall. Mr. Nguyen in the Career Center is happy to assist you if you have any questions. Please email him at Quan Nguyen or visit his Canvas page.  If you need to take the SAT at another location/date, Mr. Nguyen can also see if you quality for a fee waiver.
  •  Many scholarships do require an SAT score to apply, but some will take any standardized test score or require none at all.  Many scholarships that have previously required standardized scores have removed this requirement for 2020-21 with no information available yet for 2021-22.  If you are unsure, ask Mr. Nguyen.
  • Safety Protocols:
  1. All test takers are required to provide their own transportation on test day.  Only test takers and HHS staff will be allowed on campus.
  2. Masks are required to be worn the entire time.
  3. Students must follow 6-foot distancing guidelines and comply with all directions from HHS staff.
  4. We recommend that students eat a substantial meal before testing and bring a full water bottle.  One snack and snack break will be provided.
  5. Students will be required to complete a health attestation upon arrival to campus and do a temperature scan.  Students with symptoms of illness or recent contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID will be rescheduled.
  6. Failure to follow any of the above guidelines will result in removal from the test and scores being invalidated.

To sign up for the SAT, please complete the Google form below by March 10th.

Hazen Spring SAT Sign-Ups

You will be notified of your date and start time via email within one week of signing up.

COVID-19 safety metrics will be closely followed by RSD staff.  If within 2 weeks of the test the infection rates indicate it is unsafe to hold the SAT, we will notify all test takers of the cancellation.

Finally, if you are looking for free SAT Preparation materials, visit and make an account! You will gain access to a free practice test, Khan Academy and more!