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Main Phone: (425) 204-4200

Attendance Phone: (425) 204- 4260 or (425) 204-4210   

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Fax Number: (425) 204-4220

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Emergency Notification

Make sure we have your primary phone number and email for emergency notifications Renton School District uses a phone, text and email messaging system to notify parents of school closures, emergencies or other changes to the school day. The system also provides parents with information on student absences and tardiness, as well as important information directly from schools. To ensure you’re receiving these important calls and messages, make sure your school has your correct primary phone number and email address.


Title Name Phone
Principal    Kate O’Brien 204-4201
Assistant Principal Harland Warrior 204-4261
Assistant Principal Wendy Ries   204-3833
Assistant Principal Tyrell Hardtke 204-4211
Dean of Students  Alex Diaz Rios 204-4237


Name Students Phone
Christi Leick Alphabet A-E & Z 204-4217 
Elise Denman Alphabet F-Li 204-4218
Brian Creeley   Alphabet Lo-Ri   204-4276
Heidi Lally Alphabet Ro-Y 204-4219


Office Directory
Office Name Phone
Athletic Office Vicki Olson  204-4250
Attendance Coord.  Suzanne Jacobs 204-4260
Attendance Sec.  Vicky Navarro   204-4210
Counseling Office  Jasmine Andrews  204-4214
Counseling Assist. Courtney Burnett Swearingen 204-4232
Main Office Melinda Scheuffele 204-4201
Nurse’s Office  Kristin Freer   204-4202
Registrar  Shannon Presley  204-4207
Opportunity Center  Quan Nguyen  204-4254
Security Office Edward Rivera 204-4212



Area of Information Name and Title
Academic Responsibilities Principal – Dr. O’Brien
Activities/ASB,    General Asst. Principal – Ms. Reis
Activities Scheduling Activities Office – Ms. Dodson
ASB Fines, Fundraisers Activities Office – Ms. Dodson
Athletics, General Asst. Principal – Mr. Warrior
Athletic Clearances, Scheduling     Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Auto Registration and Parking Security Office –  Mr. Rivera, Ms. Isabell
Building Responsibilities Principal – Dr. O’Brien
Bullying, Discipline and Attendance Dean of Students – Mr. Diaz Rios
Buses/Transportation Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Change of Address Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
Career Information Opportunity Center– Mr. Nguyen
College/Financial Aid, College Information Opportunity Center– Mr. Nguyen
College/Vocational Applications/Scholarships Opportunity Center– Mr. Nguyen
Communities in Schools Coordinator Opportunity Center-Lisa Byoune
Graduation Requirements Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
Instructional Programs Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
Late Arrival (Check in) Attendance Office – Ms. Jacobs
Leave of Absence Attendance Office – Ms. Jacobs
Leaving Campus (Check out) Attendance Office – Ms. Jacobs
Parent/Community Relations Principal – Dr. O’Brien
Parking Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Peer Mediation Security Office –  Mr. Diaz Rios
Report Cards Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
SAT/ACT Information Opportunity Center– Mr. Nguyen
Scheduling Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
State Testing Asst. Principals – Ms. Hardtke
Student Concerns 9th Grade    Asst. Principal – Ms. Reis
Student Concerns 10th, 11th Grade    Asst. Principal – Mr. Warrior
Student Concerns 12th Grades    Asst. Principal – Ms. Hardtke
Student Insurance Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Technology Support Mrs. Eggen-Eide
Thefts/Vandalism Security Office – Officer Citron, Mr. Rivera, Ms. Isabell, Mr. Diaz Rios
Transcripts Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Swearingen