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(Organized by Student Last Names/Surnames)

Role Name Students  Phone
Principal   Ashley Landes   425-204-4201
Assistant Principal Kelly Jones A-He 425-204-4237
Assistant Principal Wendy Ries  Hi-Pa 425-204-3833
Assistant Principal Trent Pollard Pe-Z 425-204-4261
Dean of Students  Sean Carrick    425-204-4211


School Counselors 

(Organized by Student Last Names/Surnames)

Name Students Phone
Christi Leick A-Do 425-204-4217
Elise Denman Dr-Kh 425-204-4218 
Michael Johansen Ki-Nguyen, I.  425-204-4224
Brian Creeley   Nguyen, J.-Sa   425-204-4276
Heidi Lally Sc-Z 425-204-4219


Main Office
Office Name Phone
Office Manager  Tessa Bowen


fax: 425-204-4220

Athletic Office Vicki Olson  425-204-4250
Attendance Coordinator  Suzanne Jacobs


Attendance Secretary   425-204-4210
Counseling Assistant  Courtney Swearingen 425-204-4232
Nurse’s Office  Kristin Freer   425-204-4202
Registrar  Shannon Presley  425-204-4207
Opportunity Center  Quan Nguyen  425-204-4254



Area of Information Name and Title
Academic Responsibilities Principal Landes
Activities/ASB,    General Assistant Principal Ries 
Activities Scheduling Activities Office – Ms. Dodson
ASB Fines, Fundraisers Activities Office – Ms. Dodson
Athletics, General Assistant Principal Pollard 
Athletic Clearances, Scheduling     Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Auto Registration and Parking Security Office –  Mr. Rivera, Mr. Sanders
Building Responsibilities Principal Landes
Bullying, Discipline and Attendance Dean Carrick 
Buses/Transportation Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Change of Address Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
Career Information Opportunity Center– Mr. Nguyen
College/Financial Aid, College Information Opportunity Center– Mr. Nguyen
College/Vocational Applications/Scholarships Opportunity Center– Mr. Nguyen
Communities in Schools Coordinator Opportunity Center
Graduation Requirements Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
Instructional Programs Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
Late Arrival (Check in) Attendance Office – Ms. Jacobs
Leave of Absence Attendance Office – Ms. Jacobs
Leaving Campus (Check out) Attendance Office – Ms. Jacobs
Parent/Community Relations Principal Landes
Parking Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Peer Mediation Dean Carrick
Report Cards Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
SAT/ACT Information Opportunity Center– Mr. Nguyen
Scheduling Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Courtney
State Testing Assistant Principal Jones
Student Concerns Assistant Principals (by last name/surname)
Student Insurance Athletics Office – Ms. Olson
Technology Support Mrs. Eggen-Eide
Thefts/Vandalism Dean Carrick
Transcripts Counseling Office-Ms. Presley/Ms. Jasmine/Ms. Swearingen