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Creating the Hazen Highlanders


Sketch of the original Gordy graphic

Mr. Jack Ernst, the art and media teacher when Hazen opened, gave Gordy life in the form of a short comic character.

Highland Warrior

Highland Warrior

Gordy’s appearance changed in the 1980s to a Highland Warrior (sans shirt!). Kevin Brockschmidt painted this one on the gym wall. At somepoint the beard was added. – if you know who made the changes  please contact us.

In 1967, students at Mc Knight and Renton High School who were destined to be part of the new student body met to create the Hazen identity. Defining a new school was going to be a daunting task for both teachers and students. These two student groups met to discuss colors, mascot, motto, and coat of arms for the new school.
Because of the historical significance of coal mining in the Renton Highlands and Newcastle areas, there was a strong contingency in the group for Hazen to be called the Coal Miners – their colors were to be black and silver. Stories and rumors circulated that the new school in the Highlands would be known as the Cowboys, forever linking Hazen to the Renton Indians. The Coal Miners were narrowly defeated in favor of the Highlanders – a nod to the geographic area where Hazen would be located.

Once the school moniker was determined, school colors and the personification of the Highlanders naturally followed. The mightiest clan in the Scottish Highlands was the Gordon clan, so the students chose the Gordon tartan, with the predominate colors of green, gold and blue, giving birth to Hazen’s colors. To personify the Highlanders, the students chose a “Highlander” as their mascot, giving him the name Gordy – Gordy McHazen, according to several early staff members.

Hazen Shield

Hazen Shield

Eagle – dominance and excellence
Sword – military background of the Hazen family back to the American Revolution
Pick and Shovel – Renton’s coal mining past
Rocket – Boeing
Tartan – the plaid associated with Clan Gordon from the Scottish Highlands
Torches – Mr. Hazen’s dedication to education
Hazen’s motto is ‘Vincemus’, which translated from Latin means ‘We will Conquer’. It graces the top of our coat of arms emblazoned on the green banner. The coat of arms is based on a Scottish feudal design, designating important and personal traits of our namesake – Mr. Hazen – as well as significant community events.

Mr. Gleason & Mr. Brumbaugh

Mr. Gleason Mr. Brumbaugh

Hazen was privileged to have two composers on the staff as well. Mr. Dale Gleason, Hazen’s first Instrumental Music teacher, wrote the “Hazen Fight Song”. Mr. Harley Brumbaugh wrote “Green, Gold and Blue”, Hazen’s alma mater, and was our first Choral Music teacher.


by Mr. Dale Gleason

The Hazen Highlanders come down from the hill.
Our loyal students cheer as one loud and shrill
Our adversaries will learn to fear our name
After seeing how we fight to win the game.
So, go, go, you Highlanders for all Hazen High
Keep your banners high for all to see.
And they’ll take the low road
And we’ll take the high road
Back to Hazen with victory.


by Mr. Harley Brumbaugh

The greenwoods scent the dewy air where golden treasures lie,
Beneath the bonnie, bonnie blue in the land of Hazen High.
When e’re a’roving far from thee to seek our fortunes due,
These golden hours the dearer be with the touch of green and blue.
So let there be no last farewell among the Highland Clan,
For Highland hearts will always dwell in the brotherhood of man.
So on our lips we seal our vow to be true to green, gold, and blue.