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Hazen High COVID-19 Coronavirus

Hazen High School will remain closed this week and will reopen on Thursday, March 19, 2020. This decision was informed by the most recent guidance provided by Public Health – Seattle & King County and made out of an abundance of caution. Fourteen days is the incubation period for COVID-19 so Hazen will remain closed for 14 days from the date that students and staff were last on campus. Hazen High School staff will return to school on Wednesday, March 18 in preparation for students returning on Thursday. While the school is still closed, Public Health recommends that students and staff should stay home as much as possible and avoid large social gatherings in order to help to reduce the potential for transmission.

At this time, only one student at Hazen High School has been confirmed through laboratory testing to have COVID-19.  This student is no longer ill and has been cleared by their health care professionals to return to school. There have not been any additional confirmed cases of COVID-19 at Hazen. We provided information to Public Health about a small number of other students and staff reporting illness that could be consistent with COVID-19. Some of those have been tested; while some results have returned negative, other results are currently pending. The school has been cleaned and disinfected multiple times and poses no health risks.