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What is an Authorized Absence?

An absence will be considered authorized if the student brings to the attendance office an excuse from his/her parent/guardian following the absence. The note must include the dates, student’s name, and reason for absence. In most cases, only the following conditions will qualify for an absence to be excused:
1. School sponsored activities
2. Personal illness (doctor’s note required after 5 days) or medical/dental appointments
3. Family Emergency including but not limited to a death or illness in the family.
4. Special religious or cultural purpose
5. Legal court appearance
6. Post-secondary visit or scholarship interview
7. State recognized search and rescue
8. Absence directly related to student’s homeless status
9. Absence resulting from disciplinary action
10. Principal and parent/guardian mutually agreed upon approved activity


Arriving Late/Leaving Early

For students’ safety and the school’s liability, all students must check in or check out in the attendance office when arriving late or leaving campus early. Verification from a parent/guardian is required before a student leaves campus during the day.

Early Dismissal

Temporary early dismissals are granted upon written or telephone requests by the parent/guardian. The request must be made before school on the day of the dismissal. It is recommended that phone calls be made between 7:00 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.. The absence covered by the dismissal will be classified in accordance with the other absences as noted previously, and the early dismissal form must be signed by teachers whose classes will be missed.

Any student who is aware of reasons that will cause him/her to be absent from class(es) should make arrangements with his/her teachers prior to the absence for appropriate make-up work. (See Leave of Absence section.) 

Absences are considered unauthorized if the student fails to bring a note from parent/guardian within 2 days after the absence, or if it is so indicated by the principal/designee that the absence was unauthorized. Unexcused absences may incur a loss of credit for that day. Missing 1-2 periods unexcused in a day will result in one hour of detention. Missing 3 or more periods in a day will result in 2 hours of detention. 

Leave of Absence

We strongly encourage the scheduling of appointments and family vacations to be outside of the school day. Attendance is the single most important factor in determining academic achievement. However, we honor “family time.” Absences of 3 days or fewer based on travel or significant lifetime events will be excused. Parent/guardian must submit a written request to the principal prior to the absence. Please be aware that these absences put students at academic risk due to the loss of instructional time. The student is expected to coordinate with the teacher a plan for the recovery of required learning, assignments, and assessments.

Pre-arranged absences of four or more days must fill out a Leave of Absence form. If the absence will exceed 20 consecutive days, the student will be withdrawn. Leave of Absence forms can be obtained from the attendance office.

Leaving Class

No student may be outside of a classroom unless the student has an officially approved pass. Hall passes will not be issued during the first ten minutes or last ten minutes of class. Students are not to be in the halls during that time. Students are not allowed off campus except be-fore school, after school, and at lunch (11th and 12th grades only). Loitering in the parking lots is not permitted. Students who return to campus from being truant may be subject to search by school personnel. Except for emergencies, students must receive permission from a teacher to leave class early. The student is expected to have good cause and return to class promptly. When called from class by a school official, the student is expected to report directly to class after leaving that office.

Students who leave class and use the time away, for other than intended reasons will be considered truant and subject to corrective action.


Unauthorized absence from school, classes, Study Hall, or leaving the campus at any time other than during lunch will be considered truancy. In instances of truancy, the student will not be allowed to make up work missed. Missing three periods in a day constitutes a full day absence. Five (5) unexcused absences in one month or ten (10) unexcused absences in a school year will cause the school to file a BECCA petition with the Juvenile Court System or Truancy Advisory Board.