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Highlanders are expected to
- Be on time, every day
- Inform teacher (and classmates if working in a group) of anticipated absences and get work in advance
- For unplanned absences, take responsibility for getting missed assignments at an appropriate time
- Minimize planned absences during project time
- Make up required learning and work in a timely manner

Daily attendance in all classes is one of the most significant factors in a student‘s achievement. Hazen’s attendance policy is designated to help keep students in school, in every class and learning as much as possible in order to increase their potential for success in college, career and life.

Parents/guardians must notify the attendance office when their student will be absent from school, 204-4210, please follow up called in absences with a parent/guardian note. A note is required from a parent/guardian to excuse an absence. What is an excused absence?

A student who misses more than 5 minutes of a period (unexcused) will receive an absence.

Students who are 18 years old may write their own notes. Students may obtain a permission form from the attendance office. The right will be exercised in conjunction with parent/guardian and principal approval. The note must include the date of the absence and the specified reason for the absence. Misuse of this right will result in disciplinary action. 

Absences are considered unauthorized if the student fails to bring a note from parent/guardian within 2 days after the absence, or if it is so indicated by the principal/designee that the absence was unauthorized. Unexcused absences may incur a loss of credit for that day.

Missing 1-2 periods unexcused in a day will result in one hour of detention. Missing 3 or more periods in a day will result in 2 hours of detention.

Any student who knows about an absence in advance should make arrangements with his/her teachers prior to the absence for appropriate make-up work. (See Leave of Absence section.) It is the student’s responsibility to coordinate with the teacher a plan for the recovery of required learning, assignments, and assessments.

Students involved in after school activities must at-tend a full day of school. Students who are absent part, or all, of the school day are not eligible to compete or practice unless permission is granted by the building athletic/activity director or principal.