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Credit Recovery

Sometimes there are bumps in the road and it is how you recover that determines your future. In high school there are ways to catch up on your credits you need to earn. Never give up on graduation. We have many supports in place to help you succeed.  You can find several different options below to get back on track.

Please talk to your counselor about which option will be the best fit for you. 

Online Credit Recovery Courses

Credit recovery means a student is retaking a required class that has already been taken but was not passed. Each course completed can earn a 0.5 credit per course. A second course may be started after completion of a first course if the student meets weekly progress goals outline by the online credit retrieval teacher. Students must be willing to work independently and be motivated to access the class regularly at home.

Student are enrolled in credit retrieval courses by their school counselor and can start his or her course as soon as the trimester begins. Once enrolled students have 24/7 access to their class.

If you have questions about credit recovery/making up credits you have failed, please contact your counselor.  Visit the Counselor home page to access counselor contact information.


Talley High School offers a variety of flexible learning models to meet individual student needs.  Students and families come to THS for many reasons:  smaller class size, unique scheduling needs, online options, and credit recovery. THS is truly a CHOICE school, meaning:  Students are here because they want to be, not because they were “sent” from another school. Read more about attending Talley High School and the application process. 


Hello Highlanders, below you will find a list of programs that help students that are not on track to graduate or are already out of high school that want to get their GED and/or high school diploma.  You will be able to click the name of the programs to get to their websites directly and the Hazen counseling department did short interviews/youtube videos with each program to give a short summary of each of them.  Please reach out to your counselor if you have questions about any of these programs!!!