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Counselor Appointment Request


Even though we are in online learning, your school counselors are here to help! To request a ZOOM meeting or phone call with your school counselor, just click on the link below (choose the one that links up to your school counselor).

These are just some of the things we are here to talk with you about:

Schedules, Stress, Trouble with a teacher, Conflict with parents, Cutting and self-harm, College, Scholarships, Being hungry, Running Start, Depression, Suicidal thoughts, Academic support, Financial aid, Career Exploration, Celebrating a success, Finding a club, Sexual assault, SAT/ACT, Anxiety, Safety at home & school, Coping skills, Gender Identity, Immigration/ documentation, Jobs, Bullying, Internet safety, Anti-Racism, Anti-Ableism

Complete the Appointment Request Form by clicking on the “Appt. Request” hyperlink that corresponds to your School Counselor:

Students with Last Names starting with the letters:

A – Do, Ms. Leick: Appointment Request

Dr – Kh, Mr. Kadohiro: Appointment Request

Ki – Nguyen, I Mr. Johansen: Appointment Request 

Nguyen, J – Sa, Mr. Creeley: Appointment Request

Sc – Z, Tiffany Flye: Appointment Request


We are always glad to make time and talk with you about your student and how we can help. If you’re interested in meeting with your student’s school counselor, please email Courtney Swearingen to request an appointment.