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How do I get a copy of my transcript?

Current students can request a copy of their official transcript by emailing Ms. Jasmine Andrews. Unofficial transcripts can be requested through Ms. Courtney. Former students and graduates can submit an online request for an official transcript at the RSD Transcript Page

How do I see my counselor?

Students can now request appointments online. Visit the Counselor Appointment Request tab to find the link to request a phone or Zoom appointment with your counselor.

What should I do if I am struggling with one of my classes and I need help with my homework?

We encourage students to take advantage of teacher office hours on Fridays. Be sure to check when your teachers are available to check in with you and provide support.

Counseling Staff

Christi Leick 
Students' last names A - Do
Appointment Request

Elise Denman
Students’ last names Dr - Kh
Appointment Request

Michael Johansen
Students' last names: Ki – Nguyen, I
Phone number TBD
Email TBD

Brian Creeley
Students' last names J – Sa
Appointment Request

Heidi Lally
Students’ last names Sc – Z
Appointment Request

Jasmine Andrews
Counseling Secretary/School Records

Shannon Presley

Courtney Swearingen
Registrar/Counseling Assistant

FAX number for all of the above: 425-204-4220